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    August 28, 2009 10:42 am 8 comments
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  • At 11 years old, Jaycee Lee Dugard (center) was kidnapped by the Garridos (right and left).

    It all started on June 10, 1991. Carl Probyn watched as his 11-year-old stepdaughter — Jaycee Lee Dugard waited at her bus stop, where she waited every day to take off for her 5th grade class.

    On this day, however, a strange car pulled up to the bus stop. The doors opened and the little girl was pulled inside. Shocked and upset, the stepfather immediately jumped onto his mountain bike and gave chase. It was no use.

    “As soon as I saw the door fly open, the driver’s door, I jumped on my mountain bike and I tried to get to the top of the hill but I had no energy. I rode back down and yelled at my neighbor, 911!” Probyn recalled.

    For the Probyn family, a parent’s worst nightmare had become a reality. A sadistic person saw to kidnap their daughter. After 18 years had passed, the family could only imagine an inevitable fate had come to their daughter.

    A Phone Call

    On Wednesday, Terry Probyn — the mother of Jaycee Lee Dugard who had been missing for 18 years — reportedly received a very brief phone call. It was the FBI.

    They said, ‘We may have found your daughter’. They wanted to know if she could fly up to Northern California.

    After a phone conversation with the woman, now 29, claiming to be Jaycee Lee, Terry knew it was her daughter.

    She immediately called her now estranged husband, Carl Probyn, to tell him that they had found Jaycee. They cried.


    For the past 18 years, Jaycee Lee Dugard was held as a sex slave. Her abductors were a convicted child rapist, Phillip Garrido, and his wife Nancy Garrido.

    Police determined that the two suspects immediately drove to their suburban home after abducting Jaycee from her bus stop. There, they set-up a makeshift camping grounds in their backyard.

    Behind 6-foot-tall fencing, and a thick layer of trees running parallel to the fence, was a sloppy site that was to served as Jaycee’s “home” for 18 years.

    The backyard camp site had splinted electricity, a water spout that served as a shower and a makeshift outhouse. It was all covered by a tent.

    Garrido raped Jaycee and forced her to give birth to two children, the first of which was born when Jaycee was 14. Both of the children grew up in the tent as well. They were never allowed to leave.

    The two children are now 11 and 15, and have never seen the world outside of the backyard tent. Their mother, Jaycee Lee, is now 29.

    Details have not yet been given on how Jaycee Lee was able to escape and wander into a police station, where she told authorities her story.

    What is known is that the cops acted swiftly. They arrested the savage Garridos and took into custody Jaycee’s children. The federal authorities were naturally called into this case to provide assistance.

    Reunited and Moving Forward

    As Jaycee finally gets to reunite with her parents, obviously much healing has to take place. The horrors this woman faced over the last 18 years of her life can only be unimaginable.

    Her children, the product of rape at the hands of a vile man who cannot be punished enough, have never been to school. They have never left the yard that served as their mother’s prison and then as theirs. They are also both girls and may be victims of rape and sexual slavery themselves.

    For the Probyns and their daughter, however, today is a day about reunification. A story that has its lows in terms of history and implications, but still has a child who survived the most traumatic experience possible.

    Let us hope the best for the family as they come together and somehow, in all this mess, hope that love and the future provide happiness that can at least dampen the years of anguish, suffering and abuse.

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