• Mormon City Creates New Dangerous Solar Battery (Coorstek)

    August 17, 2009 9:28 am 46 comments

    alternative energy to oil and petroleumSalt Lake City, Utah – Mormon Salt Lake City brings grave danger to the world today, as several of its scientists have invented a battery technology that could lower American electric bills to 3 cents/kilowatt hour and reduce national dependence on fossil fuels.

    Drafted by a company named CoorsTek, the battery promises to destroy our fossil fuel industry by exploiting solar energy generated by the Sun. The solar powered cell threatens our way of life by marginalizing the life blood of the American dollar: fossil fuels. Oil.

    Anything that is anti-oil is anti-America and anti-God. It is anti-Christ.

    In a nutshell, should this battery become required within all homes in America, it will become a part of an overly complex self-renewing solar grid. Each home would have rechargeable/replaceable batteries that are capable of storing and generating a small bit of energy, in addition to also pulling distributed energy from main solar power lines.

    Proponents contest this system will cut costs, cut out the precious oil industry and ruin good American families who depend on oil wealth for their Godly lifestyles of creating jobs, lobbying for morality in politics and keeping our economic power safe.

    This third world system will be run by computers and will not have the security provided by our current electronic grid. It will be dependent on the Sun and require vast government oversight and monitoring and dictation of our energy consumption.

    The most sinister part of this Democrat technology is that it seeks to combine two burgeoning and foreign industries — solar power and deep storage batteries — and these will lead us straight to a third world lifestyle and economy.

    As this Asian-based technological sector develops, the value of oil will sharply decline. Obama currently drafts legislation that will triple the cost of any product or source that relies on traditional energy.

    When the value of the oil market is destroyed by Democrats, the Soviet, Chinese and Euros money will overpower the American dollar, making it no better than the filthy peso.

    My friends, we must gather our proverbial pitchforks and rally to protest this dangerous new energy. You may read the full details about what these Mormon city scientists are trying to do and how it will destroy our country.

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