• No Health Care For YOU! ObamaCare Using Soup Nazi Tactics

    August 19, 2009 1:01 pm 10 comments
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    Hi, i;m Janice, a normal American who just loves this country more than anything! I’m also committed to my faith and that is why I have a responsibility to share with you some things about Michele and Barack Obama’s attempts to socialize this country:

    “On the TV show Seinfeld, Jerry and his friends unsuccessfully trying to buy soup from a grumpy chef who would offer soup to some customers but refuse service to others. If customers did not follow his strict procedures for placing an order, the chef would refund their money and deny them his especially delicious soup. From this episode came the famous expression “No soup for you!”

    As the House of Representatives prepares to debate health care legislation (without reading it, of course), the term “No health care for you!” has caught like fire across the media,” as the card-carrying citizens of America realize that Obama holds the keys to what pills, operations and even doctor visits you will get, and whether to stop the lives of disabled, old and mental people because caring for them is time consuming and/or costly — Concerned Women For America

    Soup Terrorism

    Here are some great reasons to say NO to ObamaCare, a plan Adolf Hitler himself could have created:

    No Joke Claire


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