• Obama is Literally Hitler

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    Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler are one in the same. Both are very dark men who hide their ancestral roots and claim to be Christians, all to gain power and corrupt the free world with their Satanic ways.

    I am very afraid of Barack Obama and you should be too. Hitler’s ultimate goal was to commit genocide and Obama supports the endless murder of babies. Let us look at the eerie similarities between these two dark souls.

    1. Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler Obscured Their Origin

    Obama: Barack Obama is not an American. He’s a Muslim.

    When our country was founded by good Christian men such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, they ordered that no foreigner should ever take up the presidency.

    Barack Obama and his socialist supporters circumvented the law, so he could inflict Soviet and Indonesian Sharia edict upon our land in preparation for a great war.

    Hitler: Adolf Hitler was not a German. He was a genocidal socialist, just like Barack Obama.

    Born in Austria, crippled and to a Jewish mother, Hitler grew up in squalor. Obama was also not wealthy in his upbringing.

    While Hitler championed the talk of being poor and having to be a self-made man, he hid the fact that he was of Jewish ancestry. He hid the fact that he was a Godless atheist. Again, just like B. Hussein Obama. This is terrifying.


    Every demagogue dictator needs the power of charismatic speeches and legions of young followers to faint in excitement when they hear shallow words and promises.

    Obama:  People follow him blindly without question and his political rallies were held in stadiums.

    People like “Obama Girl” make shameful propaganda videos in his name and Obama’s Youth sing chants to worship him and make him unto a Fuhrer.

    Obama’s Youth are secretly trained to support genocide of the innocent and taught to hate their Christian American heritage, instilled by their Republican forefathers.

    Hitler: People followed him blindly without question and his political rallies were held in stadiums.

    People like Josef Goebbels made shameful propaganda posters for Hitler. These posters championed dangerous ideas such as universal health care, war-alliances with Iran, denouncement of the Jews and nationalization of business and resources: how odd, Barack Obama supports all of these things as well.

    Hitler’s Youth were also secretly trained to support genocide of the innocent and to hate their Catholic German heritage, instilled by their Holy Republican forefathers.

    3. Frightened Crowds Heil Pledge of Loyalty To Obama and Hitler

    ecstatic O-bots resonate to his frequency Pictures, Images and Photos

    Obama: Barack Obama hates it when people pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; our one nation under God. Obama hates it so much that he publicly refuses to salute our nation’s flag.

    As seen in the terrifying image above, Obama wants crowds to acknowledge him with ‘Heil Obama’ as no flag is seen on the podium, only his body. Obama often starts speeches by giving the Heil symbol, which harkens to his social ancestry and desires for our nation.

    Hitler: Adolf Hitler demanded everyone great him with a Heil Hitler, as Hitler fancied himself to be a god-king such as the pagan Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors.

    Hitler knew that in order to gain power, he had to hijack any semblance of divine authority from the former Holy Roman Empire. Hitler claimed his atheist works were inspired by God and fed lies of persuasion to his crowds.

    Obama is a student of Hitler and it is no surprise that he has his black and liberal legions being new age NAZIs with their perverted hand symbols of loyalty.

    4. Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler Wrote A Book about “Their Struggle”

    Obama: Obama is well-versed in the application of Machiavellian politics. He understands the true purpose of The Prince but twists it to its most sinister ends: to win over the crowd so he can use them for building a empire of evil, based on false love and deep fear.

    Obama’s biography is titled Barack Obama: What He Believes In. The book paints Obama as a sympathetic character; an everyman. A man who believes in values and morality, a man who is from humble beginnings and is right for America.

    The book does not give details on how Obama supports the murder of babies and gives terrorists in Palestine $1 billion dollars of US tax money, so the Palestinians can continue to try King Pharaoh’s goal of killing the Children of Israel.

    Obama does not want to bomb Iran into the Stone Age for building nuclear technology that could be used against Israel. Obama wants to make Iran an American ally in his great war against moral, God-fearing nations.

    You will not find these facts about him in his books, because it is nothing but Machiavellian propaganda.

    Hitler: Hitler’s biography is Mein Kampf: My Struggle.

    Muslims believe in what’s called Jihad. It literally means ‘my struggle’. A jihad can be anything; a struggle against over-eating, a struggle to be a better mother. A struggle to kill all Americans dead because they hate our freedom.

    Hitler’s struggle was tricking people into thinking that he cared about them and the nation of Germany. Even his ‘own’ people were a simple tool for him and his end goal; to make Satan proud by destroying God’s children. After that was done, Hitler would have been satisfied and not cared about anything else.

    My friends, Barack Obama has a jihad as well: why did ACORN help him get into office: so he could promote a social health care system that will leave the old uncovered and dieing of the common cold?

    Why does Barack Obama support the genocide and scapegoating of all children that live in their mother’s womb? His true story is this: he supports gays and abortion, so therefore is not Christian. And if you are not Christian, you are anti-Christian, anti-America and anti-God.

    You are anti-Christ.

    Barack Obama’s true struggle is selling off propaganda autobiographies and using his warm smile and beautiful family to veil his true agenda; being the harbinger of American destruction.

    5. Veiling Their True Names Under The Fabric of Lies

    Obama: Fun fact – Barack Obama’s real name is Barry Soetoro.

    Obama’s biological father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was an African. It should come then as no surprise that he left his Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, and babies to be raised by someone else.

    Obama’s mother married a Javanese man named Lolo Soetoro. Liberals will lie and say this is not true, but they will shut their mouths when you show them this picture evidence of the Soetoro family in Indonesia.

    You can see Barry Soetoro (on the right) with his mom, sister and step-father.

    Obama’s propaganda ministers try to hide the fact that he grew up in muslim Indonesia and was born in yang’oma Kogelo, which is in modern day Kenya.  Lies, lies, lies!

    Hitler:  Adolf Shickelgruber.  The name fails to inspire armies of destruction to take arms against innocent Hebrew descendants because…the name is Jewish.

    Hitler’s real last name was Shickelgruber.   Hitler’s father, Alois Shickelgruber, was born an out of wedlock  sin-child to wedlock to Marie Anna Schicklgruber, who later married a man named Johann Heidler.

    Desperate to change his name to hide his true ancestry, “Hitler” stole his late step-father’s last name (which was never legally changed or recognized) and used the variant spelling of it; Hitler.

    Hitler tried to find every instance his birth records in Austria so he could hide his Jewish roots, much like Obama tries to hide his Muslim roots by tries to concealing his maddressa upbringing, muslim faith and Foregin Citizenship by manipulating his school records and birth certificate.

    Obama and Hitler both have the same goals for our world and we will continue to see parallels between the two demagogues.  As we speak, Americans are being hauled off by SS for protesting Fuhrer Obama’s attempt to nationalize health care.

    How long before the outraged masses all live in fear of goosestepping armies and are forced to demonize Obama’s new age scapegoats; Christian Americans who believe in freedom, love and compassion for all.

    How long before we become prisoners to a madman in our own country?

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