• Picnicking Christian Families Attacked By Enraged Lesbians

    August 18, 2009 12:54 am 39 comments

    National Organ for Marriage

    It was a beautiful and inspirational Sunday for many families who had come to a tranquil spot to have ice cream and pony rides. They also heard a very thoughtful speech by a great Christian, Maggie Gallagher (whose husband, sadly enough, could not make it). Many couples, including Kim and Kevin Kiley, renewed their Christian marriage vows on that sunny lawn. But this beautiful day was marred by the militant lesbians and overt homosexuals who were lurking behind a nearby wall. When their moment came, these radical activists marched through the church gates and invaded that quaint gathering organized by the National Organization of Marriage (NOM).

    Nice christians picnic

    NOM is a country-wide organization that has been targeted by militant homosexuals for their dedication and love of the sacrament of marriage. The thought of a woman in a beautiful dress giving herself to the man of her dreams in a sacred ceremony enrages these gay lifestylists. Christopher Plante, the burly local chapter head, stated, “We just came to party.” But the homosexuals would not let that happen. Storming the gates (even in front of children they themselves had acquired in Canada of all places), the gays surrounded the group with a white ribbon and flaunted their lifestyle choice before a shocked and saddened crowd. Fortunately, the news cameras started rolling which scared the Queer Action members into back down.
    Picnicking Christian Families Attacked By Enraged Lesbians

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