• Seth MacFarlane Admits Family Guy Stewie Griffin Gay Homo

    August 15, 2009 11:14 am 122 comments

    Family Guy is an immoral cartoon that’s made to teach kids that homosexuality, shooting up on steroids and then trying to kill your parents is all normal behavior.

    It is quite literally the most dangerous show on television and it is truly a testament to our decadent media that Seth MacFarlane is allowed to market this sin-inducing cartoon show to our young children.

    In an interview with the most disgusting magazine on the planet (Playboy), MacFarlane confessed that Stewie Griffin’s job is to spread the homogay agenda to young children and parents who watch Family Guy.

    The angle he is taking is that if your child is gay, he will be able to do these great science projects, speak at a young age and even talk to his pet dog.

    Such things are ridiculous and if your toddler child thinks he is speaking to the family pet, it’s probably due to the designer drugs this show teaches is normal to shoot into your arms before hopping in a car with ‘candy’ wielding old men.

    The only place getting into that car will lead to is more drug needles, homosexual orgies, AIDS prostitution and of course, death.

    It is no coincidence that gays actively support Family Guy. For every one homosexual man, four kids end up getting improperly diddled and molested. This show tries to convince our kids that is is normal for them to feel gay and that the homosexual lifestyle is innocent fun and happiness that even baby children enjoy.

    There is nothing happy about dieing from AIDS and then burning for all time in hell for being an abomination unto God! Warning: The following video media is sinister and contains archival footage of a cartoon character spreading the homogay agenda to our young children. Please pray and then have women/children leave the room before reviewing.

    Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

    Parents, we must write angry letters into Family Guy and demand that they make this show about family and values. They should have an episode where it’s revealed Stewie Griffin chose to be gay due to not having enough time to spend with his father, or perhaps the gay man next door tricked him into doing shameful things.

    These gay-inducing encounters are very real issues that some children face in life. Since the networks are not moral enough to remove Family Guy as children entertainment, it is time for them to make it right and teach young kids that being gay is not normal but rather a choice due to a traumatizing event in life.

    Stewie’s character can still have redemption and be the champion of how men can turn from their shameful life and once again be proud of who they truly are inside; men.

    Let us pray that Seth MacFarlane turns this filthy show around and that Stewie Griffin is used as a moral character in the coming season of Family Guy, so more innocent children will not be lead into sin.

    In the meantime, continue to ban this dangerous show from your home and warn your parenting friends about its sinister nature as well.

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