• Tokyo Japan Earthquake of 7.1 Magnitude, Immoral Nation Gripped with Fear

    August 9, 2009 9:27 am 17 comments

    The veil Japanese have been struck down with an earthquake ordained by God. Their nation has committed many atrocities and this holy warning will give them a chance to get back on the right path. ChristWire Digital Media: (Video Source – Fox News Network)

    The veil Japanese have been struck down with a holy earthquake from God. Glory!

    For far too long the Japanese have been creating unnatural sex robots and creating anime pornography that serves Satan. They have built giant shrines that celebrate their life of fornicating young women!

    They have thrown, sick penis festivals where they allow gays to think they are in a sugar coated homo factory from Willy Wonka!

    There is nothing moral or right about the current cultural climate of Japan; Pastor Jack warned us all about their downfalls after his last mission trip.

    This 7.1 Tokyo, Japan earthquake today was a message from God. He has once again grown tired of Asian immorality and failure to accept his plan for their nation to fully obey America’s leadership and example.

    During World War 2, God blessed America with mighty planes that carried firebombs, so we could punish Tokyo for bombing Pearl Harbor. He blessed our great Christian nation with nukes so that we may, bring peace to Japan and let them start anew, in our image.

    For a season, the Japanese turned from their wicked ways and followed our example of being a friendly Christian nation. But now they turn away again and God will not stand for it.

    Today it was simply a small show of God’s power. He just lightly snapped his fingers to give Japan a shake, a wake-up call. Next time he may just cause a giant tsunami or order us to drop a new super-weapon upon their sin soaked lands.

    Let us pray the Japanese repent and turn away from Satan, all before God’s full wrath is exposed to their pervert culture of lies and dances for evil.

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