• Watch McSteamy Sex Video Online Now (featuring Rebecca Gayheart and Kari Ann Peniche) say Liberals

    August 18, 2009 7:34 am 22 comments

    Grey’s Anatomy is a foul tv show that claims it will inspire young children to become good, moral doctors when they grow up. I find this funny because nowhere in the Hippocratic Oath does it mention shooting up on drugs and teaching children how to have intern orgies as good bedside manners!

    Parents, immediately remove all of your daughter’s disc collection of Grey’s Anatomy from her room. Every episode of this sick show is all the same; female interns lust for older hospitalists and sneak into patient’s rooms to have demon-induced wild affair sex!

    Real doctors don’t do these type of things. There is nothing normal or natural about sneaking off into rooms to bump the thingies to the beats of Satan’s drums and then have episodes where you get secret abortions.

    Yes, on one episode of Grey’s Anatomy they get a Afro-Chinese union abortion and try to make it seem like it’s just spitting out a piece of stale bubble gum. On another, they expose their secret parts for intern-nurse relations and make having herpes seem like it’s fun and cool!

    Cool is not a word you associate with sleeping around like a whore, because your nethers will burn like fire and if you keep it up, your entire body will join when God casts you into hell.

    With all that in mind, today there are allegations that a portrayed doctor on the show — named McSteamy (go figure) — was involved in a real life naked tape. Reporters on immoral base sites like The Gawker apparently have all the details and links to the video. I see no reason to investigate and have my eyes potentially inundated with unfiltered sin.

    There is only one take-home lesson today, parents. Don’t let your college children or younger watch these fake doctor shows!

    The road to becoming a doctor is hard enough, with having to endure fake teaching about evolution and then acting like the power of prayer does not work to cure people sometimes.

    Shows like E.R., Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy try to make it seem like all scientists are hot actors and actresses who romp around in rooms to have unprotected sex that’s not ordained by God!

    The truth is that a good doctor is not concerned about their looks, but rather what is written on their hearts. A heart of mercy and dedication to their patients. A heart that understands that they are but servants of the Lord, ordained to heal patients who fall to various ailments and disease.

    My friends, let us of faith deem Grey’s Anatomy as a sinister sinner show and make the devil depressed by not watching it, so its ratings may drop. Let us demand the writers have a doctor McAngel on the show, who scolds interns for having beer orgies in season 1 and teaches women that it’s not ok to sleep with their bosses in a patient’s room.

    It’d be really neat if McAngel was actually an angel and used God’s power to heal the sick and convert them to become Christians by working miracles. It’d be like having Touched by an Angel and Chicago Hope combined, a perfect testament to what the practice of medicine should be.

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