• Woman Hires Hitman to Kill Husband, Gets Busted by Cops (Dalia Dippolito)

    August 11, 2009 8:10 am 15 comments

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    Johnny Rocca


    Cops, sting operations and bad-acting by a woman whose playing the wife in grief; all caught on video. Before getting to the video, the backstory to this one is pretty crazy and involves a woman, named Dalia Dippolito, who allegedly wanted to kill her newlywed husband.

    According to local reports, cops were first alerted to this case when a person contacted police to warn them that Mrs. Dippolito was plotting to hire a hitman to kill her husband.

    The crazy twist to this story is the motive behind the attempted murder plot:

    Source: Broward Palm-Beach
    Police records show that last Friday, the day Dalia Dippolito received sole ownership of their Renaissance Commons home, was also the day that cops received a call from a concerned friend of hers – purportedly the lover referred to in the lawsuit. The friend said she feared Dalia was planning her 38-year-old husband’s death.

    So it would seem a financial gain was the motive behind the madness, until you look a bit deeper in the story. Some people speculate the ‘person’ who contacted police in the first place may have been a ‘ lesbian paramour’ of Mrs. Dippolito’s.

    Crazy, right? Police managed to set-up a sting operation, and the following video shows them informing Mrs. Dippolito that her husband was just murdered by a hitman. The husband is of course fine, and Dippolito’s superb acting is on full display in the first video, and followed up by more analysis in the second video.

    Part 1

    Part 2

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