• Women’s Boxing To Be Added As Olympic Sport in London 2012 Games

    August 13, 2009 5:48 am 17 comments

    In very humorous news, the Olympic committee has decided to allow Women’s boxing as a sport in the next Olympic games.  We may as well have young school children donming 200 pound armor and trying to climb a 400 foot rope as the next Olympic sport.  Orla Chennaoui reports on this crazy decision:

    What on Earth was the Olympic committee thinking?  There is not much in life that’s more grueling and boring than having to sit through a man turned woman’s sport, such as a WNBA game.  It’s just a bunch of girls tripping over each other, traveling and occasionally making a lucky shot.  There’s a bunch of clawing too; perhaps that’s where someone decided it’d be better to just have them fight.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are sports for women.  Synchronized swimming, gymnastics and figure skating:  those are all fine.  But when you see women trying to box or play basketball, or good grief slow pitch softball, it’s like watching Planet of the Apes.  They look very awkward and silly walking around and trying to do things that are not meant for them; and they are only mildly amusing for a few minutes, somewhat like a monkey riding a motorbike or flipping a tv remote.

    London, the 2012 Olympic logo is already bad enough and now you’re adding a sport where everyone is either going to fall asleep or someone is going to get injured in a wild cat-fight.  Clawing and pulling hair does not qualify as a boxing match.

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