• Xbox Live Down, Sin Recruits Can’t Connect to Xbox Live

    August 7, 2009 3:15 am 33 comments

    Microsoft Xbox is a Satanic system that lurers young children into Satan’s play pen with violent video games about sex, murder and drugs.

    Since the system came onto the market, teenage violence and death from fornicated diseases increased ten-fold. Why am I not surprised, look at a sample of these filth titles that serve the devil!

    Resident Evil 4

    This sick pervert game has the bodies of dead people coming up from the ground and walking around! This pixelated AFrican mumbo jumbo teaches kids how to be witchdoctors and think people can just pop back to life after God sends the spirit to heaven or hell. Preposterous and it’s worse than sinful Thriller video by Michael Jackson.

    Zombies are an evolved work of fiction created by Satan and whoever believes that nonsense will burn in hell, by all the good Christians up in heaven who understand the scientific FACT of how God created everything and all that is dust returns to dust.

    Grand Theft Auto

    Another popular Xbox game played by childrens young as 5 and 6. They get points for running over old women and stealing cars from the police. One year ago they made a ‘secret’ level to the game that allowed the character to stick his ding a ling into a pixel women and then teach kids how to do the nasty!

    I wish I was on the ESRB because I would rate this filth B for BURN IN A FIRE because this game belongs in the coal pits of hell!

    There is nothing moral or right about games that teach children about African black zombie religion, fornication, drugs and urban black American gun vioelnce, yet Xbox presents games like this again and again.

    So it comes as no surprise that God had enough and made it so kids can’t connect to Xbox live to play these violent video games.

    God has, reached from heaven and shut the sin inducing Xbox live down and all I can do is shout glory.

    Parents, imagine the guilt in your heart if you find out your child was murdered in a shootout with the police or was caught selling drugs in school. You would wonder how a child you raised to do right could do so wrong, and as they sit on Death Row you’ll remember that Xbox Live account you bought for their birthday.

    Add then you’ll know why they are going to fry. You failed to cancel their subscription and video games made them do unimaginable violence or get struck down in an AIDS inducing lifestyle of gay orgies and drug needles.

    Friends, don’t ignore God’s example. Ban your children from Xbox live and then throw away the controllers. Their lives are at steak.

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