• 88 Year-Old Man Beats Four Thieves With His Bare Hands

    September 23, 2009 12:26 am 9 comments
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    Dean Miller

    “I dropped my cane and I just went in action”

    Biagio Sciscione is a World War II veteran. At 88-years-old, his life-worn and war-torn body is not a spry as it used to be. He can barely walk without the use of a cane. His right hook is not quite as swift as when he was fighting NAZIs soldiers.

    But there is one thing for certain: Biagio Sciscione has enough fight left in him to beat the holy crap out of four hoodlums who tried to mug him. Let us get to the most awesome story of the day.

    Four miscreants broke into Sciscione’s Kenilworth, NJ home yesterday, and tried to steal a safe.

    Alarmed, the War Vet and retired butcher went out to his front lawn to confront the thieves. He said he felt a rush of adrenaline as he stood up to the four robbers.

    “I ran right out there, I dropped my cane and I just went into action,” said Sciscione in a weathered voice.

    He literally dropped his old man cane and went to beating the faces of the four would-be robbers in an amazing brawl, a brawl where, once again, an 88-year-old war veteran beat the snot out of four punk thieves. With his bare hands. No weapons. Just his hands. There’s more.

    According to NBC reports, things started off with a woman who approached Sciscione’s home. The woman claimed to be from a church and even though she seemed suspcious, Mrs. Sciscione let the woman into the house.

    As the random woman distracted to elderly couple by discussing fake mundane details of her life, thieves — two other women and a middle-aged man — entered the home to try to find valuables which to steal.

    Mrs. Sciscione stated, “She was rambling on about how her boyfriend beats her.” Biagio Sciscione grew bored and left the room.

    “I couldn’t take any more,” he stated in the interview.

    It’s at this point that Biagio saw the thieves trying to make off with his safe, in which there was jewelry and important documents.

    Seeing this scene, the heart of a World War II veteran jumped right back into action.

    “My adrenaline went up and my blood pressure went up to 200,” Sciscione said. “I ran right out there, I dropped my cane and I just went in action.”

    “I gave him a couple of socks,” he said of the male thief. The women, he said, was pulling at his shirt and clawing his arm with their fingernails.

    “They went through hell trying to get me away from then,” Sciscione said.

    As the fight went on, the thieves managed to cut and bruise Sciscione up a bit. Police were disturbed that four thugs would try to steal from the couple, and DNA and with fingerprints from several of the suspects was found at the scene.

    While cops were concerned about Mr. Sciscione, only one thing mattered to the old man.

    “I got my property, that was the main thing,” he said. “I had important papers in there.”

    Don’t try to steal an old man’s papers, or he may just drop his cane and beat your face. Glory!

    Good news.

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