• Barack Obama Does Family Propoganda Photos with Daughters

    September 20, 2009 6:22 am 29 comments

    Liberal lemming Barack Hussein Obama was back up to his Soviet Propaganda tricks this week, this time as he took photo ops with his daughters.

    How can a man who supports death panels and refuses to ban abortion be pro-family values and getting hugs from his daughters?

    We all know that they were probably playing on a swing set left-over from our noble President George W. Bush, a man with family values and who loves life, and not Barack Obama. It hurts my hearts to know that the Obama girls had to sit there all day with Hollywood producers, waiting until they got the ‘perfect shot’ of these propaganda photos.

  • If you look carefully at photo number 4, then at photo number 8, you can clearly see much time has passed. Perhaps up to two hours as in photo 8, the outdoor lights have come on and it’s likely passed the Baby Obama’s bed time.

    Then also in photo 5, somehow the Baby Obama’s shirt appears to be magically ‘tucked’ in as she’s running to see her father, despite the fact it was untucked when she was “playing” on the playground equipment the Bush family left and then when she was allegedly running up to give her father a hug.

    This is typical Soviet propaganda and more proof Obama is selling us out to the Russians.

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