• Barack Obama Forces Children To Use Facebook, Helps Gay Agenda

    September 8, 2009 7:41 pm 26 comments
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  • We all know Barack Obama is a filthy liberal who enjoys aborting baby and pushing the homosexual agenda onto our children. Who would have thought that in his Hitler speech to the youth of our nation today, however, that he would promote them to get abducted by child snatchers!

    As you well know, Facebook is a very dangerous site for kids. Just like Myspace, anyone on Earth can sign up to create an account and get a secret window into the life of your young children.

    As we speak, 6 billion strangers are peaking at the images and “updates” that Facebook makes children use directly or with their mobile cell phones!

    Without any parents in sight, before giving his propaganda speech to children today, Obama sneaked off with 40 students and told them stories about how he was a miscreant child and still could become president:

    “‘When I was your age,” Obama said, “I was a little bit of a goof-off.’” Oh, so what, Obama? Encourage kids to goof off and then post all their pictures to friends on Facebook, where the gays are just waiting for their prey?

    I wish Mike Huckabee were president and he’d elect me the Secretary of Energy in 2012, because the first thing I’d do is turn off the internet electricity to Facebook! It is a sick, immoral site that helps gays dally children and Obama encourages kids to use and post hoodlum pictures!

    Parents, I hope you kept your children home today. I really do. If not I fear that they may end up snatcheded on the 5 o’clock news and the great gooba menace is to blame! Booo Obama! Stay away from our children and our schoools!

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