• Beyonce Music Causes Babies to do Devil Dances

    September 22, 2009 10:31 am 25 comments

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    My anger is nigh kindled! Black rapper Kanye West threw a tantrum last week, all after our precious Taylor Swift was named best singer of the year. Always antagonistic to white people, Kanye West immediately rushed the stage when Ms. Swift was accepting her award, and loudly yelled that a black singer named Beyonce Knowles was the greatest of all time.

    There is no debate that Kanye does not understand music, because country singers are naturally more talented than their hip hopping counterparts. Curious, however, I conducted extensive research on YouTube to see who exactly this Beyonce is and why Kanye West wanted her to win so much. What I found was pure sick dirth whore filth and I spit in disgust!

    Beyonce is a sinister black women who gyrates her body every which way and tries to make your satan scepter laden with sin! She shakes her chocolate treats to all onlookers and is clearly involved with devil powers like that immoral Olivia Munn!

    How sick is it that she tries to tempt men to taste her back parts by saying she is “bootylicious” like a bubble gum. There is nothing delicious about having fecal sins and then burning in hell for all time!

    If that’s not bad enough, Beyonce is conspiring with the devil to cause babies to dance in unnatural ways. Whoredevil!

    Look as how she has caused these babies to expose their sinful diapers all over the internet, just like a black hooker women from Hollywood streets. They exposed! Gyrating and learning how to tease in ghetto ways! They will grow up typical blacks and have kids by the time they only teenagers! Warning: The following video media contains archived footage of Beyonce music that causes babies to do Devil Dances. Please pray and immediately have women/children leave the room before reviewing for your parenting group.

  • Beyonce’s husband, “Jayzee”, also thinks he is Jehovah.

    There is a song where the lyrical stanzas say:

    H to the izzo (Translation: The black people word “izzo” means the letter “O” in American*.)
    V to the izza (Translation: The black people word “izza” means the letter “A” in American).

    So as you can see, these lyrics from Beyonce’s husband subliminally spell “H-O-V-A”. And his first name is Jay. Jay-Hova. He is calling himself Jehovah, and mark my words, that he is not.

    Our friendly African-American minister Craige Lewis understands the dangers of Jay-Z and his subliminal messages, and has created numerous warnings about these types of artists on his internet website ExMinistries. He also created more warnings for Christians who think it’s okay to ‘rap’ praises unto our light and fair-toned Lord. You can read his message from the Lord here.

    My friends, stay out of the hipped hopped culture. It’s all sick! Those who corrupt the innocent babies shall burn furiously hard and hot for all time! Burn rapper music burn!


    * In Blackanese, they commonly add nonsense syllables to the beginning and ending of proper American words.

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