• Bill O’Reilly Has Been Compromised

    September 21, 2009 1:17 am 7 comments

    Barack Hussein Obama has used his devil powers to take over the mind of our friend Bill O’Reilly. When I first saw the following video, I choked up on my Oat Bran and tears flowed out of my eyes. Bill O’Reilly has been infected with a liberal demon that is causing him to support the public option of universal health care.

    Celebrities at the CHCI 32nd Annual Awards Gala and dinner in Washington DC

    A man of morality is naturally pitted against Obama’s sinister plan to force everyone to pay taxes to give abortions to children, insure non-working bums and force proper elderly people to wait on Death Lists as they are obligated to use the government care, instead of their private insurance.

    Bill O’Reilly would usually be the first one leading the protest line against Obama’s dark antics, but alas it is not so. The following video is shocking and will break your heart.

    Obama has conspired with Satan to place a hex over O’Reilly’s noble and progressive mind, all so he will espouse Obama’s communist agenda on our pro-America and pro-God Fox News channel. Warning: The following video contains archival footage of a once moral man who has been possessed by a liberal demon. Please pray and immediately have any women/children leave the room before reviewing.

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