• Crazed Evolutionists Create Bearsharktopus

    September 20, 2009 6:11 am 31 comments

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    First is was the Borneo Montauk Monster, and now this. Look at it. Look! An abomination!

    This is more proof why genetics is evil! Somehow scientists are planning to,.. splice the genomes of a the bear, a shark and an immoral Asian octopus to evolve these sea monsters against holiness!

    My friends, the genes of a different species are not meant to be crossed. There is nothing good that comes from such actions. God has allowed man the knowledge of how to use microscopes and restriction enzymes such as EcoR1.

    There is nothing moral about how scientists are using these restriction nucleases to cut the double helix of life structuring DNA itself at complimentary points, all to expose the sticky ends to allow genetic splicing and create these devil creatures!

    Satan is a mad scientist and he’s always cooking up new offenses against nature in his laboratories! A unicorn women. Montauk monsters. Test tube babies. Evil!

    Mark my words, structure dictates function! And believe you me, when you structure DNA in such a way that it allows three animals to exist as one, its only function will be to get struck down and burn in hell for all time!

    Stop genetics! It is an abomination to science and nature, and only serves the aggrandizing, selfish agenda of dog evolutionists like Richard Dawson. These men have no morals or scruples, and don’t know what they are dealing with in their effort to play master and creator! Burn the lab experiments and gene manipulation!

    Special thanks to Mary Albright for warning about this foul creature via the Holymailbox.

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