• Dangerous Pharyngula Leader PZ Myers Combines Gene Evolution with Hipped Hopped Rap Agenda

    September 23, 2009 1:00 am 9 comments
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    As I searched the internet for more videos to warn everyone about today, I was not too surprised to find our old friend PZ Myers and his hordes of Godless pharyngula atheists corrupting our American culture and children with evolution teaching.

    For those who do not know, pharyngula is a evolution cult where the followers think that in the womb, a human baby magically transforms from a frog, to a bird, to a rabbit and then finally a human! Sick and sadistic, and of course this is all nonsense.

    Still, PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins try to spread these sort of twisted, unsubstantiated teachings to our kids and now it seems they have come up with some sort of marketing ploy to trick the poor urban black children as well.

    On his website Pharyngula.com, PZ Myers posted a dangerous video that combines hipped hopped music with teachings about genes and evolution. Man has no permission or to play God and alter the, codons, and DNA sequences of the body to create abominations to natural order! Warning: The following video media contains immoral music and dangerous propaganda that implies genetic engineering and evolution is not dangerous. Please pray and then immediately have any women and children leave the room before reviewing.

    Let us remember that only today, we found more proof of how urban music can corrupt even the pure mind of a young baby. By combining evolution with the urban gang agenda, now youths all over inner cities will double the robbing of innocent old ladies, teen pregnancies and then altering their genes with genetically engineered magic mint.

    I will be writing Professor Myers to ask him to add a warning to the video, so that onlookers will be reminded that evolution/genes are only a loose theory and that hipped hopped music should not be emulated or promoted to children.

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