• Do Not Let Your Children Listen To Barack Hussein Obama Elementary School Speech

    September 8, 2009 7:31 am 30 comments

    Pastor Jack

    Dear Friends of the Faith,

    A perilous time has fallen over our once great country. The stormclouds of iniquity and turmoil ominously hang over our land, as our national spirit itself thunders with the cold, dark rumbles of impiety. There is hardly nothing left and hope is so fragile, that it dared not be even whispered.

    Since taking office, Barack Hussein Obama has stripped America of what it is; a caring nation of life and love. A people of determinism and faith. Hope.

    He has robbed the rich, vibrant flora of life that used to fill our innocent hearts; he has painted in its place a dank socialist landscape upon gules, sable and death gray.

    Barack Obama is a man who supports the murder of babies. He champions the perversion of marriage and communism. He has bowed down to the sand-laden thrones of terrorism and supports death panels for our parents and grandparents.

    Our Culture of Life, so tediously nurtured by noble presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, has been burned to the ground. Our economy is failing. Our sick and old will be put to socialist healthcare death camps. Those of the fellowship of friendship and faith will be persecuted.

    Only the dark spirit of Obama looms over our now desitute lands and it wants to corrupt our last chance of redemptiopn; our children. Our tomorrow.

    The appetite of Satan is only satiated by the corruption of the innocent. Today, Barack Obama plans to recant a brainwashing speech to your children. In it he will scare them. He will corrupt them.

    He will tell them that a great plague shall fall upon their bodies if they don’t perform ritual handwashings throughout the day, then get a special vaccine from their public health clinic.

    He will whisper in their ears the words of racism. In their pure minds, he will tell the story of how they should feel filthy if they do not always vote for the deceptive candidate with dark brown skin. Reverse racism.

    He will don a seemingly cordial cardigan of comradery and invite himself into their hearts, minds and homes, only to then calmly sing our children to sleep with liberal lullabies that support universal abortion and gay marriage.

    Parents, today decides that future for America. Shall we allow our children to listen to the musings of the dark prince of perversion? Shall we allow their innocence to die a slow, painful death as the terrible, temultuous tones of tyrannical Obama wash over their ears.

    We shall not! We shall not! We shall not!

    We shall keep our children home today, keeping hope alive for a future generation. Obama is a stranger to morality, and we will not let him drive up in his deceptive guise of friendship and abduct the morality of our kids.

    Keep your children home on September 8th, 2009.


    Pastor Jack Gould

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