• God Reveals His Cosmic Space Butterfly To NASA

    September 10, 2009 9:36 am 32 comments
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  • Behold. The power of God is omnipotent and his love everlasting. Today He revealed this fact by showing NASA what scientists can only describe as a cosmic space butterfly.

    This cosmic butterfly has two vibrant wings, and I have pulled out my Bible concordance to figure out what type of angel it may be; or, if it may just be a heavenly creature that will fly around with us Christians when we go up there and frolick through heaven’s fragrant flowery fields, while all the sinners and pagans sear and scream for all time in hell below.

    Scientists estimate that this butterfly can fly at speeds of up to 600,000 mph, which also gives us a pretty good idea of how fast we will be when we metamorphose into angels. I’m pretty quick of the feet now, far much more than normal Earth butterflies, so when I get my wings I expect to be able to tour space at lightspeed and maybe a little bit beyond.

    This image has brought awe to scientists, almost more than when the Hand of God Seen In Space By NASA (picture) revealed the Holiest Hand picking up a giant asteroid to throw at some vile heathens or perhaps India’s planned Mars mission. Just wait and see.

    As we explore the heavens, expect God to continually give us glimpses of his divine works. God favors America’s space program, and it will be a truly wonderful experience to see peeks at cosmic forces as we get a glimpse into the angels and beyond. Glory, glory.

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