• Google Chat And Gmail Server Struck Down For Celebrating Michael Jackson Logo

    September 1, 2009 3:58 pm 11 comments
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  • Yesterday, the friendly people at Google decided to change their wholesome logo into something that is rife with sin: the sparkling feet of Michael Jackson.

    Look at how his exposed socks tempt all onlookers to to become mesmerized with his footwork. The blacks believe that one can ‘catch’ a holy ghost, which makes you do all sorts of peculiar dances before the Lord.

    While I do not agree with such religious philosophy, I do believe that there was nothing holy about the types of dances Michael Jackson was able to perform.

    He had a dance called the moonwalk where he defied God’s law of gravity itself. No man should look as if he’s walking upon the moon when he’s not.

    There were others. In the dance video Thriller, which gripped a generation of youth with its somber tones of death and sin, Michael Jackson claimed to be able to raise the dead and cause them to dance under a moon.

    Such things strike me as a cross of tribal voodoo and Wiccan witchcraft, which are surely Satanic and not of God.

    I know it’s the big thing to coddle up to the ‘legacy’ of this Michael Jackson, but quite frankly we must not forget there was nothing moral about much of his music. Dancing is sinful. So is in-vitro fertilization and sperm donating, which Mr. Jackson may or may not have dappled in with his little buddy Macaulay Culkin.

    Due to all this and other allegations we’ve lobbed against the man over the years, it is no wonder that God frowns upon those who try to covertly celebrate his life and push his ways onto a new generation.

    Hopefully Google staff pray and repent for creating such an advertisement and celebration of Michael Jackson, so that God will y restore Gmail and Google Chat for the world to use.

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