• Indians Claim They Have Found Water On Our Moon with Chandrayaan 1

    September 24, 2009 6:00 am 25 comments
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  • The dotted Indians continue to meddle with space, today claiming that their Indian spaceship has found water on our Moon.

    Dreams of establishing a manned Moon base could become reality within two decades after India’s first lunar mission found evidence of large quantities of water on its surface.

    Data from Chandrayaan-1 also suggests that water is still being formed on the Moon. Scientists said the breakthrough — to be announced by Nasa at a press conference today — would change the face of lunar exploration.

    The discovery is a significant boost for India in its space race against China. Dr Mylswamy Annadurai, the mission’s project director at the Indian Space Research Organisation in Bangalore, said: “It’s very satisfying.”

    The search for water was one of the mission’s main objectives, but it was a surprise nonetheless, scientists said.The unmanned craft was equipped with Nasa’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper, designed specifically to search for water by picking up the electromagnetic radiation emitted by minerals. The M3 also made the unexpected discovery that water may still be forming on the surface of the Moon, according to scientists familiar with the mission.

    “It’s very satisfying,” said Dr Mylswamy Annadurai, the project director of Chandrayaan-1 at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in Bangalore. “This was one of the main objectives of Chandrayaan-1, to find evidence of water on the Moon,” he told The Times.

    Dr Annadurai would not provide any further details before a news conference at Nasa today from Dr Carle Pieters, a planetary geologist of Brown University who oversaw the M3.

    Dr Pieters has not spoken about her results so far and was not available for comment last night, according to colleagues at Brown University. But her results are expected to cause a sensation, and to set the agenda for lunar exploration in the next decade.
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    Now as you may recall, the Indian Chandrayaan-1 space vehicle was struck down only several weeks ago. This was a clear sign that Indians have no business trying to explore the heavens, because they are immoral. The same goes with the Chinese.

    Notice that also, it was the instruments that our American NASA gave them that found the water on OUR moon. I’m sick and tired of these fake countries launching vehicles into space and peeking out our property.

    Neil Armstrong was the first man to discovered the moon and he put an American flag up there on it for proof. The moon belongs to the USA and should not have any other heathens setting foot upon its gray soil. Now that everyone knows there is some water and fancy H3 oil up there, expect all the lesser countries to whinge at the UN and say it’s not fair that the Moon belongs to our country.

    Here’s my words to them. Tough luck. If they weren’t so primitive back in the 1960s, maybe they could have been blessed to be smart enough to send a man to the moon. But they weren’t. That’s what happens when you waste all your time worshiping cows and being Godless commie atheists. Hah, China and India! The moon is awesome and it is American!

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