• KCAL 9 Claim Tape of California State Assembly Republican Member Michael Duvall of Spanking, Banging Two Married Lobbyists with Sex

    September 9, 2009 1:56 pm 8 comments
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  • Democrats claim House Republican Michael Duvall bragged “So, I am getting into spanking her. Yeah, I like it…” and even more explicit things in direct microphone, release tape to public.

    The Democrat KCAL 9 media team of Los Angeles is up to its old tricks again, this time trying to tarnish the name of our family values California State Assembly Republican member Michael Duvall.

    Michael Duvall is a true Republican and loves freedom. Time and time again he has defended values, morality and conservatism. His track record shows 100% commitment to promoting anything that will promote the adherence of the nuclear family. Michael Duvall is a married man who loves commitment and his family.

    So it comes as terrible shock that the Democrats have created a sex scandal and thrown Michael Duvall’s good name in it. In the following video media, liberal news reporters claim they caught Mr. Duvall on tape, bragging about ‘spanking’ and ‘banging’ a married lobbyist who is 19 years his junior.

    They then say he went on to brag about fornicating a second “very hot” lobbyist in his office. Warning: The following video media contains unfiltered Democrat video propaganda. There is significant chance Democrat sound technicians edited the audio in such a way as to make it sound like Mr. Duvall spanked and had sex with lobbyists, then unknowingly bragged about it in an open mike. Please have women/children leave the room before reviewing.

    As you can see, the claims hold no merit. In the parts that are conveniently edited out, I bet Duvall tells his buddies that he was just kidding and just wanted to see their reactions.

    There is no way a man of morality would do such things with his interns, unlike JFK or Bill Clinton. Even if somehow Duvall did accidentally slip and land in such a way that his trouser zipper somehow can unhinged and then his thingy fell in between a fallen lobbyists legs and they had sexual contact, it was all just happenstance and nothing that should be aired out by the liberal media.

    Instead of trying to spread divisive partisan lies, the media is supposed to report objective journalism. Why are they meddling in the affairs of Duval, which there is no affair to be seen, when they should be covering how Obama’s speech to our nation’s children has already cause an increased dropout rate in elementary school children.

    Maybe they should be doing investigations of all the race riots and food fights going on in our nation’s lunch rooms today, because Obama told everyone yesterday that he was a ‘goof-off’ and look, he still became the black president!

    Liberals make me sick and this accusation is nothing but smoke and mirrors, and typical bag of bowel fermented lies from the source of all things Democrat. The ass.

    That’s their symbol for a reason and I said it. Leave Duvall alone and stop being destructive, KCAL 9.

    had sexual contact with an intern,

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