• Laura Bush Killed A Dude, Get Over It Family Guy Liberals

    September 7, 2009 12:53 am 31 comments

    Laura Bush killed a dude and the whinging liberal masses need to get over it.

    Sure, let’s have Michelle Obama prance around like a NoHo harlot with daisy duke shorts while her hustler Obama is out scamming the nation, but drudge up an unfortunate incident that happened to Mrs. Laura Bush while she was 17. You know who else cares about being 17 again? Zach Effron, the underwear model boyfriend of Miley Cyrus.

    There are some things responsible adults should be ashamed of doing, and dabbling around with the affairs of children is one of them.

    This controversy of Laura Bush accidentally killing a guy in a sad circumstance was brought up again by the eternally painful Seth MacFarlane and the children’s show Family Guy. As if animating a show that encourages children to do drugs and have sex with animals was not bad enough, the show also encourages parents to abuse and neglect their children.

    It gets even worse than that, as the show disrespects our Former First Lady Laura Bush. In the episode “Love Blacktually”, a scene made light of the entire affair and now has many typically uneducated liberals using Google to search into Mrs. Bush’s background. Editor’s Note: Warning: Family Guy is a sinister show that is made to corrupt children with liberal themes such as abortion, bestial relations and unprotected fornication with secret parts. Please first pray and then have any women/children leave the room before reviewing this video media. (Dan Nordgren, Supervising Editor)

    Pathetic. How odd that this episode reaired the week of Ted Kennedy’s passing away. Could bringing up this episode be a liberal attempt to drown out research into Chappaquiddick? It seems all too convenient to think otherwise.

    The lesson from all this is pretty simple. Laura Bush ran a stop sign when she was 17; horribly, the crash killed a friend of hers who was in another car. Laura still deals with this issue to this very day and it’s hardly something to take lightly. There was never any evidence of wrong-doing on Laura’s part, and to say or imply otherwise is just pathetic.

    Liberals are getting desperate to cover their sins under a mound of lies and feeding deceptive media to the innocent and gullible. Their shams will all hopefully be put to shame as we elect a Republican Congress and finally a proper president in 2012. Until next time, keep being real in this fake, sick world. – Z

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