• Older Gentleman Politely Slaps Stranger’s Crying Baby at Walmart

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    How many of you have ever had a long day of work and then gone grocery shopping, to only hear an undisciplined child throwing the worst tantrum near the check-out counter?

    You can always tell the followers of new-age parenting cult. They try to reason with their children; gently asking them to ‘Stop, Johnny, or time out.” The worst is when you see a father allowing his children to disturb public peace and betray his authority in such a manner, all in the company of onlookers.

    God’s law states that a man’s place is at the head of his household, and from the head comes the orders for the body to follow. Just like the body must be whipped into shape, so at times must a father’s wife and children when they may test the waters by betraying their house leader’s God-ordained authority.

    At times one’s wife may need a reminder when she talks back. “No,” a responsible father and husband will say, while gently rebuking her with perhaps a reinforcing gentle Godly tap upon the cheek; “No.” A few firm and swift raps across the backside may be needed to silence the wild emotions of a crying child, who thinks whinging and pleading will get them free candy or other items they have not earned.

    Thank goodness this vital lesson is not lost upon all generations:

    Busted For Slapping Stranger’s Crying Child
    Georgia man, 61, threatened to “shut that baby up” at Walmart

    SEPTEMBER 2–Meet Roger Stephens. The Georgia man, 61, was shopping Monday morning at a Walmart in Stone Mountain when he crossed paths with Sonya Matthews and her two-year-old daughter Paige. The child was crying, which apparently greatly perturbed Matthews. “If you don’t shut that baby up I will shut her up for you,” Stephens warned Matthews, according to a Gwinnett County Police Department report.

    Moments later, Stephens acted on his threat, slapping Paige “across the face approximately four or five times.” Though the child “started crying and screaming” after being struck, Stephens told Matthews, “See, I told you I would shut her up.” After police were summoned, Stephens told a cop that the child was crying “and he just slapped her,” according to the report. Stephens was arrested for felony cruelty to children and booked into the Gwinnett County Detention Center, where he is being held without bond. Paige sustained “slight redness to the face,” but was otherwise unharmed.

    Discipline, respect and love: these are the cardinal virtues of paramount importance for every nuclear family.

    You see, there was once a Golden Age for the American nuclear family. The bonds of unity so proud and strong, that no one dared whisper a cross word or feign disobedience to familial structure.

    Nationwide, fathers would go work hard at their jobs, while their wives would tend to her natural duties of preparing her husband’s kids for school and keeping his home in order during his absence.

    The nation prospered and kids were successful. Divorce was unheard of and neighborhoods were not plagued with dark elements. Life was good.

    Now children are undisciplined. Wives have abandoned their posts as provider of love and maid work for the home, leaving husbands to deal with unwashed dishes, unkempt children and home full of broken love.

    Children try to feed their physical hunger with the Cheetos and tv dinners, which gives the same false sense of satiation as the television replacing the Mom’s job of keeping the kids entertained for the afternoon.

    Then we look around and wonder why kids are falling ill so often? Why all the violence and tantrums in stores, kids as young as five stealing and cussing their mothers?

    Sure, we could blame it on gaming and modern media. Both are dragon-headed culprits that try to drag our children back down to the depths of hell. But there is something even more dangerous to our kids; careless parents who betray their natural duties.

    I applaud Roger Stephens and if you have any decency, you will too. He took the responsibility of the father and slapped some discipline into an unruly kid. He defiantly stood up to the cult of new-age absentee parenting, where Fathers fail to disciple their children and let their wives run off living a feminists dream of galloping whoredom.

    America was founded upon a Christian tradition and it is time for us to embrace our heritage. Marriage is ordained by God and the family is the ultimate gift of every marriage. Fathers, train your family in the path of glory and righteousness. Do not make our elders step in and risk trial at the hands of a liberal-hijacked penal system.

    Take a firm hand and take charge of the direction of this country. Tomorrow for your children and grandchildren depend on it. God bless and let us remember Mr. Stephens for his heroic deed and braveness in the face of liberal adversity.

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