• Orly Taitz Can Have Barack Obama Out of Office in 30 Days

    September 24, 2009 8:30 am 10 comments
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  • Last week, Jack, Pat a few others and I flew out to Washington, DC, to join millions of others in protesting the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Since taking office, Obama has created record deficits and forced countless American businesses and banks to close. He has given our wealth to terror hotbeds such as Palestine, and has made concessions with a Bush-ordained axis-of-evil nation, Iran.

    These grievances against our nation are far too much. The fact that Obama is now trying to pass the Obamacare plan in which he will strip us all of our private insurance, forcing us to go onto a socialist government plan and also forcing us to fund abortions, means we must act swiftly in demanding that he either change his policies or face impeachment proceedings.

    You may remember Orly Taitz and the fact that Obama must respond to the subpoena where we demand he submit, in person, proof that he’s actually American. If he does not do that, Orly is going to contact the Senate and tell them to go ahead and start to start the process of impeachment for Obama!

    How we all long for the days when we had a proper president, much as our leader President George W. Bush, who lead this nation with truth and grace. Bush was a proper American, born in the country and reborn of the faith of our nation: Christian.

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