• People of Walmart Website is Mean Spirited

    September 2, 2009 3:04 am 25 comments
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  • Walmart is a great store that gives you great value and good product for your hard earned dollar. When I heard reports that there was a honorary people of Walmart website with pictures, I quickly jumped in my pickup and made my rounds through town and then my local Walmart store!

    The associates at the store reported they had not heard about the people of Walmart website, which made me confused since on Fox News they said they were taking pictures of loyal customers, then pasting them onto their website. I wanted to be included.

    Concerned, I went home and called state headquarters. Still nothing they knew, so I turned on the internet to research and believe you me, some little rascals are getting to get BURNED in hell for what they have done!

    The People of Walmart site is ANTI-WALMART customers! They try to make it seems like we are, unaeducated slobs who don’t know how to take baths!

    What they do is secretly enter Walmart and take pictures of us valuable customers as we shop for perhaps some valued price Oats and a little dish detergent. Then they take these pictures and put mean captions on them to make us seem less than humans!

    In this photo, you can see they have secretly taken a photo of a nice, white man who is shopping for his family. They make fun of his long flowing hair and claim he has a pet rat in his head. These sick, racist jokes against good white Texans trying to feed their family is childish.

    In this picture they make fun of Africans and their colorful clothing. Walmart is a great store for all flavors of people, and here we see some real African man and his women dressed in their native tribal garb and probably buying some fried chicken or maybe a sweet pie.

    This People of Walmart site ignores how special a moment this is by making fun of these nice colored people. Why must mean people bring hate to what’s normal in day to day life. God has brought their site down due to its meanness, but Google cache has archived more of their sin.

    A Google Archive of their mocking

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