• President Obama Loves America, Calls Kanye West a “Jackass”

    September 15, 2009 7:59 pm 21 comments
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  • President Barack Obama is a great man and I love my American president. What a lucky and blessed nation we are to have President Obama as our leader in all things. When he was voted into office over Senator McCain, I said to myself, “This man is going to make America good again. Bless, Obama. Bless him.”

    And today our noble leader President Obama has delivered more reasons for us to be proud. Several days ago, black hipped hopped rapper Kanye West assaulted beautiful country gal Taylor Swift at a music award show.

    He reached his mighty dark hands toward a microphone and snatched it from her, and then yelled mean words!

    Kanye West was jealous because Taylor Swift won the award for best singer, and his little girl buddy Beyonceika Knowles lost.

    We all know that Kanye has typical black anger issues and even had the audacity to claim another great leader, President George W. Bush, hated black people!

    United States President Barack H. Obama knows the deal, and as an ABC journalist reported on twitters President Obama immediately called Kanye a “jackass”!  Glory!  Notice:  The following video media contains coverage of our United States President Barack Obama.  Please first pray for Obama to have great blessings in his life and then gather your entire family to watch our president denounce Kanye West for committing domestic violence and being a mean, black thug.

    I really do like President Barack Obama. What a good man. Shame on you liberals who always try to attack him at every turn! He understands the true nature of these hipped hopped thugs who like to abuse our suburban daughters with their dark hoodlum ways!

    Hooray, President Obama! May the rest of your term be blessed and filled with great prosperity for America!

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