• Rediscovering God In America

    September 23, 2009 10:02 am 14 comments

    America was founded as a Christian nation that followed Puritan tradition. Our forefathers meant for the men of this nation to work hard and be a moral light unto their families, as they unified to spread the core principles of values, morality and conservatism as ordained across this great continent.

    It is no surprise that America as blessed to defeat the Redcoats of a spiritually fallen Britain, and broker peaceful accord with the savage natives in our land with virtues of fellowship, diligence and brotherly love.

    For over 200 years, America has been a tribute unto our Heavenly Father. The nation upon the hill that all other lesser people strive to be. But alas, as with every kingdom that ages with time, corruption has set in and is destroying our society.

    There are those out there who deny our Christian heritage. They hide behind the blanketed desks of atheistic science or un-Constitutional catchphrases like ‘separation of church and state’, which is not explicitly mentioned as such anywhere in the Constitution.

    Our good friend and colleague Craig von Buseck uncovered a secret plot by San Diego government officials to oppress Christians and ban Bible study in their locale. This is highly illegal and grounds for prosecuting anyone who would do such things as traitors to our Biblical oriented law.

    Watch Video: Government attempts to ban Christians from studying the Bible in their in own homes.

    Barack Hussein Obama has usurped the Presidency of America from good Christian leaders, and how the hordes of Satan grow bold. They work like never before to remove God from American, and my friends, it is time for us of the Moral Majority to rediscover our Christian heritage and ensure it is in every home, every school and every public place like never before!

    Lou Engle has called for a Nationwide Day of Prayer for our Moral Alert Network on September 24th. Let us join forces and celebrate our Christian heritage and pray that the walls of atheism in this nation come crumbling down upon all who built them. There is nothing just or moral about their corrupt agenda, and we will not let them erase our nation’s past, tradition and history.

    America is One Nation, Under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

    America does trust in One: God.

    America, God has shed his grace on thee, and it is time we remind everyone to embrace and thank Him for it. Amen!

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    Scott Grunhard Scott Grunhard is a law student and actively advocates for the restoration of America's Godly heritage and Christian foundation of government. Read more about how you can help at Godlyheritage.org

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