• Richard Dawkins Cheers Human Death and Suffering

    September 12, 2009 10:33 am 41 comments
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  • We all know atheists are Godless people who naturally lack morality and decency. The root of evil on Earth springs from those who don’t truly have God written into their mind, body and soul. So how can a person who believes in no (a-) God (-theist) be a decent human being?

    Artist Jan Fabre Honoured in University of Antwerp

    The answer is they cannot and Richard Dawkins is living proof. Each and every day Richard Dawkins wakes up and pledges to mislead humanity about the facts of reality. His teaching about the universe being without an intelligent creator is casting your children into the fire pits of hell!

    And he laughs. Dawkins believes in a process called natural selection. It is where, liberal scientists state that only the strong survive and everyone else should die. Can’t you imagine a group of mean atheists stoning a bundled group of crippled, quacking ducklings or perhaps your sickly grandparents to death?

    No doubt you can, and that’s because we’ve seen atheists show their evil beliefs time and time again. Adolf Hitler was an atheist who believed in natural selection. As he murdered the handicap, various races and gypsies, his only explanation was, “Ich bin ein Atheist Godless und nur die Starken überleben!”. Which in American, means “I’m a Godless atheist and only the strong survive!”

    How sad is it to know people like Darwin and Dawkins are in league with dire Hitler and his hordes of evolution propaganda NAZIs? On one liberal elite site named Onegoodmove.org, they even confess the dark nature of Dawkins, comparing the mad scientist to a steroid pitbull:

    If Thomas Henry Huxley was famously “Darwin’s bulldog”, then Richard Dawkins is probably best described as “Darwin’s pit bull”. He gets his teeth into an argument, locks on and shakes it until submission is the only option. There’s a certain glee when he admits to being “the devil’s disciple” or the high priest of “ultradarwinism”, and his admission has an undeniably macho swagger about it. Real men (and women) take the toughest line on natural selection. Suffering and pain in nature and humanity are merely there to service the genes. Anything else is “Sentimental, human nonsense. Natural selection is all futile.” There is something bracing about belonging to this most astringent and clear-sighted set. Deluded theists! Wishy-washy agnostics! Welcome to the Fight Club. One is reminded of lines by Dawkins’s favourite poet, WB Yeats: “Cast a cold eye / On life, on death. / Horseman, pass by.”

    Richard Dawkins thinks himself nobility and carries the English title of Sir. I could only wish this were the feudal days, because I’d slap him with a white glove and challenge him to a royal duel!

    God would favor me as I climbed upon my high-horse, cross-bearing shield in one hand and a holy lance in the other, and I’d make proper strike right in the crown of Dawkins black knight suit! I’d aim for his heart but it would be useless, since it’s shriveled up and cold from having no love of Christ or fellow humans.

    Friends, atheists are hateful people who think it’s funny that people suffer and die from disease.  If atheists are pitbulls, I can only hope that Satan watches the NFL and is a fan of the black quarterback Michael Vick.  No doubt that he has some kennels sectioned off in his dark domain and shall TORTURE atheists for all time, just because he can.  What a sad, scary fate!

    Don’t join the atheists in being tortured by Satan for all time and ignore Dawkins.  Next time you get sick, remember atheists would just as soon have you die so only the fit survive.  Boo, atheists!  Stop hating life!  Boo you heathens and burn!  Burn!

    Warning: The following video media contains sick propaganda from noted Godless wonder, Richard Dawkins. Pray and immediately have any women/children leave the room before reviewing this media.

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