• Satan Enters Two Young Women To Promote Duck Fornication

    September 21, 2009 1:56 am 12 comments

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    In the following YouTube video, we see Satan continues to promote the homogay agenda to our children. As two young women were taking an innocent bath, Satan somehow slipped into their tub and caused them to start singing a song about gay ducks.

    The women somehow get captured on video as they sing this dangerous song to the tunes of a child’s melody. Let us not forget that millions of young children browse YouTube every day and will have access to this sick song.

    The gay agenda wants kids to think it’s ok to daddle a duck in its doohickey or for a man to fornicate a pony’s twiddler rompus. This is all sick and leads straight to hell! Warning: The following video contains Satan-inspired propaganda for the homogay agenda. Please first pray and then have women/children immediately leave the room before reviewing.

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