• South Africans Declare World War over Hermaphrowoman Caster Semenya

    September 11, 2009 2:00 pm 8 comments
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  • A Man or a Women? The Story of Caster Semenya

    This story is truly bizarre and it involves our friends in South Africa.  Several week ago, there was a major row in the world of track and field.  An African specimen woman ran a 800 foot race really fast, allegedly way too fast for the legs of a female “athlete”.  Officials immediately suspected that the African was a secret man and demanded she/he undergo testing so they could judge what God created her to be.

    The answer is sick and it is shocking!

    When I first heard of the allegations and extensively researched this piece, my heart was naturally caring and I wanted to give this young women the benefit of the doubt before judging her guiltye. I could see no reason why a nice, healthy African would not be able to run a race a bit faster than normal people. Mean Adolf Hitler was taught his lesson when he dared think his puny German NAZI runners could outrun our african-AMERICAN runner Jesse Owens, who looked superhuman when he claimed his Olympic Gold. Why can’t this woman just be another gifted athletes with the black sports gene?

    Our investigative friends at the DailyMail agreed with our logic, even taking to effort to publicize pictures of Semenya dressed up in a dress.

    But still, no scientific proof as to what she was made to be by nature. Until today.

    Friends, I’m sad to say but it was revealed that Caster Semenya is probably a hermaphrowomen. As college-student Dan Nordgren explained, women are intelligently designed to have a secret place and a separator flap to protect the baby-incubating portions of the body. Apparently, Ms. Semenya does not have such baby storage machinery. Instead, she has hidden testes and man stuff in there.

    I just wished her family would have told everyone sooner. The world community and especially us Christians tend to be very understanding and loving about sensitive issues such as this. If only they were just honest about everything, I would not have the burning desire to pick up my protest sign and DEMAND that they strip this magic Aphrodite of all her medals!

    How sad that these Africans tried to veil this story behind the thick fabrics of woven lies, and now their South African President has even declared World War 3 will happen if we take away the herma’s gold medal. I think it’s all because they feel guilty and know that deep down it’s not fair to have someone with a bit of man DNA in their body racing against the gentler and slower female species. They just ain’t as strong or able as us superior of mind and body men.

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