• The United States of Sin (Sinmap of 7 Deadly Sins, Collaboration with Kansas State University)

    September 7, 2009 1:29 am 36 comments

    In partnership with our moral friends at Kansas State University*, we have created a complex scientific map that breaks down the 7 deadly sins state by state.

    Using this scientific method we can, more accurately predict where God’s wrath is likely to strike down to burn people straight off Earth and into the pits of hell for their treason against God’s law for our Christian nation.

    The intensity of sin was quantified using complex survey research methods, and has a 2.3% deviation with a 96% level of confidence.

    As you can see, California is very high devilish in the sins of Greed and Pride. They are also devilishly high in the Sloth sins, right in the areas where the lazy blacks live.

    From this data, we can understand why God was forced to cause wildfires to be cast down upon their sin soaked state this week: homosexual pride, Hollywood Jew greed and lazy coloreds with a taste for gang violence. They are lucky God just don’t drown their evil state in the Paclantic Ocean.

    You may also review the map and as more severe weather and mighty phenomena take place, you can inform everyone in your area why it is happening and warn whoever is doing the sinning to stop before it’s too late and you all suffer.

    * Collaborative Project with Kansas State Students who helped us launch College Anti-M League on K-state Campus.

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