• White Student Beaten on School Bus, Crowd Cheers

    September 16, 2009 7:30 am 18 comments
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  • White children continued to be terrorized on buses due to their race and it’s all the fault of Barack Obama. This time our affiliates at Fox have captured a school video where an innocent white student is beaten by a group of black young adults on a school bus. The crowd is heard cheering this act of oppression and it is very sad. Quite terribly sad.

    Watch Video: White Student Beaten on School Bus, Crowd Cheers

    I remember a point in time when colored children on a bus had manners. There was a Golden Age in time when you could climb aboard a crowded bus, and you would instantly see perhaps a young black mom and her children politely stand and quickly move toward the back of the transport unit so you could have a comfortable seat. The mothers would always do this to teach their kids manners for hard-working adults and it’s polite to share.

    Being a gentleman, I would never usually have a lady move but understood the values these mothers wanted to teach their children. And for years, it worked.

    Men and women, boys and girls, would always give up those seats and not even think twice about it. Our schools were still separate and equal back then too, so of course there was always bliss and happy accord on the school buses.

    Where did everything go wrong? The charming age of accord and respect has long passed, and somewhere during the late 1960s I noticed a saddening, troubling trend in emergent habits on the bus. No longer did the mothers quickly exit their seats when I cleared my throat, reminding them of the importance to respect standing strangers and to teach their children some manners.

    No longer could I tell the bus driver that a certain passenger was not being very nice and polite, and have him ask them to leave the bus if they would not move more seats to the back or stand to let me rest my aging feet.

    Look how far we have fallen now. Obama is in office and schools are a colorful rainbow of fellowship, and what do we have? It certainly is not the symbol of peace one would expect, as we see in the video.

    What we have is a disrepectful and disjointed America, a land that our noble former president Woodrow Wilson would cast his erudite head in wagging shame if he bore witness. Let us hope that the Age of Obama eventually wains, and these heinous bus incidents come to a standstill. Let us hope, for the unity and good of America, that once again the warm memories of polite buses become something that we can all enjoy once more.

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