• Why Don’t World of Warcraft Players Have Girlfriends

    September 1, 2009 1:14 pm 200 comments

    The answer to the scientific procedure is pretty obvious. Women do not go for men who play online with children all day. It is suspiciously homosexual and hardly appealing.

    World of Warcraft is a sinister game that marinates your life with the foul scent of third-world failure ; cheeto-sweat stained shirts, computer pornography, drugs and high school school dropout!

    Fathers may wonder why their sons are always hanging out with boys in their basement. Why aren’t they out dating nice young women and attending work baseball games like normal young men?

    Here is a scientific graph to answer that question for concerned fathers. Question: why does my video game addict son not have a social life and girlfriend? Hypothesis: Because he plays games like World of Warcraft.

    Proof: As a father I forbid my sons to play Warcrafts. I want them to have jobs and a good wife in their future; not alley whores and drug needles.

    All that time wasted playing this game is only building up the kingdom of Satan. What kind sloven fag boy would want to waste hours casting pixie magic on screen, when he could be out giving exercise to his body?

    What type of man puts, studying to show himself approved unto God below learning new secret codes to murder innocent children who get tempted to play this foul game!

    Sure, there are other things that make a man less appealing to the lesser female species: flabby out of shape body, poor, uneducated. Things like that. What’s ironic is that World of Warcraft promotes all these things anyway, so it is the death hand to relationships.

    And sure, your son may find a women on warcraft. Just beware that she is probably whoring herself off to get mounted or partcipates in one of those secret guild orgies Pastor Jack warned us about.

    Parents, simply forbid your sons to play Warcraft. It is a sick game that is destroying lives and families.

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