• Atheists, Please Stop Joke “Photoshopping” Our Pope

    October 22, 2009 12:07 pm 27 comments
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  • I hope today finds you all blessed and this weekend will be a great time of relaxation and time with family in your busy lives. This week’s theme at Langley has been on The Joy of Laughter. Since last Sunday and especially through last night’s dynamic message of Bibles and Smiles by Dr. Cole at Bible Study, I believe we’ve really explored a great breadth of topics in regard to how laughter, humor and delight is integral to the Christian faith and lifetyle.

    Humor is one of our greatest gifts and when used properly, does well in keeping our mind, body and spirit in great health. Unfortunately, however, like all good things that God created there is the ability to use our gifts for evil and to celebrate Satan.

    The principle worshipers of Satan are atheists. They claim they do not believe in a God or spiritual beings, yet each and every day they deny God they volunteer their service unto the Devil and pledge their soul to burn for all time in Hell.

    Atheists naturally have a demented sense of humor, if you can even call it that. Last April, right before Resurrection Sunday, several atheists mailed pictures of what they call “Zombie Jesus” to our Holy Mailbox, to just try to sully the time of year and bring negative vibes to what should be joyous, thankful time; the time we celebrate the gift of eternal life to all mankind.

    Their newest sins involve ‘photoshopping’ pictures of our noble leader, Pope Benedict XVI. Our Pope is an everyman, a man who could be the grandfather of any one of us. He is a holy man, yet a man of the people and for the people; his wisdom always shining bright.

    Yet atheists would take this innocent, elderly man and disrespect him by implementing his figure in all sorts of hellish propaganda photographs. If these were different times of old and the letter of the law allowed it, I would personally support having them all tarred, feathered and crucified if convicted without a chance of redemption by a group of moral peers.

    These types of affronts to our holy leaders are just dismal to say the least. There is nothing funny about these images and whoever created them is not being convicted; they are simply being used by Satan.

    Warning: Some images contain an amount of fantasy violence, misleading political propaganda and general disrespect to a holy leader. Please have children leave the room before reviewing these archived images.

    Photoshop Pope

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    POPE BENEDICT KILLS Pictures, Images and Photos

    pope Pictures, Images and Photos

    Benedict Pictures, Images and Photos

    The Pope & AIDS Pictures, Images and Photos

    This is a large enough sample and some images are simply to decedent in morals to share. It is very sad, unfortunate, that people like this exist.

    There was a point in time where the Pope still had full vested authority in politics. Perhaps one day we can again return to a proper law where the Pope’s divinely inspired words go without challenge. It would surely sum up the very offensive images people are creating of our world leader, if the Pope could offer them the chance of confession and eternal life before being put Earthly death in the gallows for disrespecting his divine authority.

    Pope Benedict XVI is a world leader who has been charged with maintaing a fickle flock, on a global scale. Day in and day out, this man prays for our weather, health, political relations and world peace. It is not coincidence that H1N1 hasn’t killed millions more, while America has enjoyed relatively good weather this year.

    The pope is an integral part to not only Catholocism, but also the world. Even though he should have far more political power and influence in global relations than liberals have wrestled away from his divine role, the Pope is to still be treated with all due respect.

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