• Barack Obama Causes Chicago To Lose Olympics to Rio de Janiero, Brazil

    October 4, 2009 12:55 pm 27 comments

    What a sad and shameful week for America. Our “president” is an international laughing stock and holds no merit or weight in the global community.

    His home city of Chicago applied for an Olympics bid and was knocked out of voting in the first round. Reports indicate his wife, Michelle Obama, tried to entice the Olympic committee to vote for Chicago by exposing her thighs beneath a short cut flussy dress. Harlot!

    I wish this were the 1980s and we had a real president in office like President Ronald W. Reagan. The world used to fear the American president because they knew that in a heartbeat, if we didn’t get things our way that we would bring the full wrath of God down upon their heathen land and economy.

    But now, we’re weak. Obama has squandered our wealth on free healthcare for the lowly poor. He has made our military dangerously weak by cutting our underfunded armed services to pay for things giving free American food and American medicine to Palistinian terrorists!

    Now look. Even the Olympics laugh at us and refuse to put the global sporting games in the greatest nation on Earth. We’re the nation that makes sports popular and has all the good teams, and yet the Indians in Brazil are going to play host to the Olympics. Sick!

    This is just more evidence of why we need Obama out of office. Just because Zeus is fake do not think for a second that a holy lightning bolt will not be hurled from the heavens at all this sick freaks for skipping us on the Olympics! A real bold of lightning from God can hit any time, and any place and send any sinner straight to the pits of Hell! Burn Olympic committee for skipping America!

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