• ESPN Unfairly Suspends Bob Griese For Mexican Taco Comment

    October 28, 2009 3:03 am 9 comments
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  • ESPN Bob Griese has been unfairly suspended for making a funny, light-hearted comment during a recent sports telecast.

    During the Minnesota-Ohio game last week, a brief break allowed a NASCAR display of the top 5 racers to be shown to home viewers. One commentator, Chris Spielman, asked where was the Colombian, Montoya, on this list.

    Bob Griese jokingly responded, “out having a taco.” Now we all know how much South and Central Americans love tacos. It’s similar to how the blacks like chicken and the little squints over in Asia love their rice; so what’s the big deal here. Mexicans like Taco and the Colombian Montaya is no exception.

    This liberal PC culture ruins the fun of making such general observations about life around us, and the irony here is that they allege to support a “scientific method” that’s all about observing the environment, collecting the data and then reporting the facts.

    Well how about this? I’ve observed plenty of Mexicans and the fact is that they love tacos. It stands to reason it’s no different than Colombia, who are pretty much Mexicans with a coffee income.

    All in all, I say ESPN is being racist against whites for being naturally scientific and just reporting the facts. Bob Griese should be immediately rehired, because this sort of reverse racism where we get punished for being natural scientists and organizers is quite pathetic.

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