• Falcon Heene Balloon Boy Throws Up and Gets Sick on Today Show

    October 16, 2009 1:02 pm 3 comments
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  • I hope all of you sick liberal parents are watching this video right now. In it we see what happens when an innocent young child is forced to do evil science experiments and then trick the nation with a bag of veiled lies.

    Yesterday, we all watched Fox News in horror as the tragic story of young Falcon Heene played out. His parents left him alone in the backyard with the tool to create a hot air balloon. The balloon was launched way into the heavens and we all thought six-year-old Falcon was onboard, so we naturally panicked and ordered fleets of helicopters to rescue him.

    It turns out he was in the garage and his parents may have purportedly had him hide their to trick everyone “For the show”.

    Friends, lies are naturally rotten and if you let them fester in your body, it will poison you deep with your busom and belly. In the following video, we see the six-year-old child could not stomach the liberal lie his parents forced him to tell and he lets up Satanic bile from him mouth. I bet the Obama girls have to do this every single day when they act like their “Daddy” is a normal, loving man.

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