• Fox News Live is Better Than CNN Breaking News

    October 16, 2009 2:57 am 2 comments
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  • There was a debate raging today whether the brilliant minds behind Fox News or CNN’s main staff were more up to the task of bringing us fresh, biting headlines. Is Fox News Live or CNN the better source of news?

    Now some may say we’re the last people who should pose such a question, since several of our board of directors are affiliated with NewsCorp and we’re in the pockets of Fox News. To anyone so petty I’d like to remind you that prejudging someone is against any sort of ethical media, so your thoughts hold no weight in the world of professional journalism.

    To answer this question, all that is really needed is an analysis of how responsible their day to day headlines are on each respective organization’s website.

    Let us first look at our fair and balanced affiliates at Fox News:

    Social Security Cans Cost of Living Increase
    Fox News Poll: 43 Percent Would Re-Elect Obama
    - Clinton More Popular Than Obama, Poll Shows
    Official: Deaths at Sweat Lodge Ruled Homicide
    Lesbian Student Fights for Yearbook Tuxedo Photo
    Lawmaker’s Anti-Obama YouTube Rap Taken Down
    Interracial Couple Refused Marriage License in La.
    GOP Lawmakers Urge Obama to Fire ‘Schools Czar’
    - YOU DECIDE: Time for ‘Safe Schools Czar’ to Go?
    NJ Gubernatorial Race Coming Down to the Wire
    Okla. Couple Charged With Locking Boy in Closet
    GPS Causing Truckers to Crash Into Bridges
    GOP Loses Bid to Block Gitmo-to-U.S. Transfer
    Pakistan Violence Complicates War Deliberations
    - Pakistan Attacks Put Focus on Punjab Militants
    Flag Ban at Apartment Complex Nixed After Outcry
    Inmates With ‘Health Risks’ First to Get H1N1 Shots
    - Fox News Poll: Pat on Back Instead of Handshake
    Mother of American Detained in Iran: Let Him Go
    5 Men Guilty of Plotting Australian Terror Attack

    Those are good, solid headlines. They talk about issues that are relevant and important to today’s life and media. That’s Fox News; fair and balanced.

    Now let’s see what’s playing on CNN.

    ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ gets it right
    Inside David Letterman’s love life

    These are the top two stories? Where the Wild Things Are get it right? David Letterman? Wow. Let’s keep looking.

    America’s spookiest lighthouse
    Master Potter Shares His Secrets
    Scientist uses poison gas to halt death
    Original KISS drummer survived breast cancer
    Arctic ice to vanish in summer, report says
    Pterodactyl fossil fills evolutionary gaps

    So when they aren’t gossiping about how David Letterman fornicated with his young staffers, they are trying to spread lies about fictional pterodactyls and fearmongering about global warming. Cute.

    Then they top it off with a healthy-dose of Satanic rock band KISS with a helping of magic stories about a potter and evolutionists.

    CNN should be ashamed of itself and just remove itself from the air. Fox News is the best, central souce for news on an international scale and you have the evidence you need; the headlines. The hard facts.

    That’s what you deal with in journalism and that’s what we on the right dish out in a daily basis.

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