• God Uses Booming Lightning Bolt To Warn Democrats To Ban Obamacare

    October 12, 2009 8:32 pm 34 comments
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  • Behold the power of our Christian nation’s one true God! Last night all sinful Democrats who support Obama’s communist-NAZI Obamacare health plan received a wrathful warning from our Lord as he hurled lightning bolts at the Capitol Building!

    Interns and Senators alike trembled in fear as an unprecedented electrical jolt from an omnipotent tempest struck down in all of a second.

    Obamacare is a very destructive health care plan that Barack Hussein Obama is trying to force into our lives. It will force all working families to give up their private insurance and be at the mercy of government health care.

    That means if a family chooses to not vote for Obama or support his support for terrorists, for instance, he can just deny you healthcare for your precious children. You’ll have to watch them die a slow, painful death of the H1N1 swine flu or perhaps the Bubonic Plague.

    Imagine the sorrow in your heart as your kids die from plague, their little lungs hanging outside their body as they cough out spurts of blood, “I love you mommy and daddy.” How sick Obama for trying to deny our family’s healthcare!

    It takes a sick individual to use petty politics as reason to deny a family healthcare.   How dare Obama try to make us pay to insure the children of lazy, non-working people just so he can spread his vile communist agenda in our Republican nation of faith and decency!

    Let us hope and pray more weather wrath strikes these no good liberals down with fear and panic, so they will do what we want them to do and keep insurance private and non-working people get no nothing!  Glory!

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