• Japanese Game Show Chimpanzee Touches Women’s Milksacks on Live TV

    October 28, 2009 12:11 am 17 comments

    In this following video we have more proof of why the Japanese are the most veil culture on our Earth. Sickos!

    I spit with disgust on Japan! In this following video the allow a chimpanzeetang monkey to wear a man’s business suit. They dress the women monkey in a dress with high heels!

    He somehow speaks in Japanese and interviews who I’m guessing is a Japanese woman celebrity. He then stands up and plays with the woman’s milksacks. She squeals with Japanese delight and let’s him keep dallying her baby feeders! Filth! Filth!

    I cannot believe this has aired on television and Obama has not threatened to nuke every single Japanese tv station for this perversion! You know what this is all about; evolutionist homo coalition agenda.

    Evolutionists think if they make it seem normal for an animal to grope up people then all of a sudden their little agendas won’t seem so far-fetched.

    Well listen up here you homo supporting Japanese scientists. We ain’t fooled! We will see how you like it when the almighty fetches your soul to the pits of hell and the only dog to retrieve it is named Satan! He will maul you and you will burn forever for letting these videos exist!

    My dear friends be warned, I had to take three tablespoons of Mylanta and my stomach still churns with sour, angered disgust after witnessing this video. I can only shake my head and wonder if we just need to go ahead and shut Japan down and put their people in camps while we put our land there to proper use. Warning: The following video media takes origin in Japan and contains monkey evolution propaganda. Please first pray and then have all women/children leave the room before reviewing with your scientific panel.

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