• Japanese Scientists Create Evil New Ropid Robot

    October 31, 2009 6:39 am 15 comments
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    Oh my friends, I’m so ascared and you should be too. As I researched YouTube for more videos to warn you about today, my knees started to tremble and I spat out my Shredded Wheat with horror as I saw what the lewd terrors the Japanese have now created.

    As you know, Japanese have a perverse infatuation with creating weapons and immoral technology. Their people have no hearts and love to conduct secret experiments where they make machines that can kill people more efficiently.

    We need to look no further than the giant firebreathing robots and prototype robots they’ve created and used to threaten America and every other nation we protect.

    The last time Japanese scientists gathered together they sent advanced ships and planes to help NAZIs destroy the innocents. Now, they are still serving Satan’s favorite allies by making immoral robot technologies.

    They call their new war weapon the Ropid Robot. My friends, this thing can do it all: jump, look both ways, turn circles and run! It stands just as tall as a Japanese at about 4 feet tall and lacks a heart as well. That means just like those kamikazes from World War 2, it has no problems killing innocent people dead.

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