• Liberal Media Overreacts to Meghan McCain Twitter Photo

    October 16, 2009 2:28 am 20 comments

    Christian journalist and daughter of American Senator and great presidential candidate John McCain — who was cheated out of 2008 by Obama — Meghan McCain strikes a lovely pose for her Twitters.

    The biased liberal media has once again gone overboard in trying to demonize a proper young lady of the faith. Today McCain uploaded the picture you see at right on her Twitters and the sick, perverted minds of the liberal media somehow see some sexual inuendo in the photo.

    Meghan McCain is a moral young woman who has a bright mind. She is the daughter of our Christian leader Senator John McCain. Meghan McCain is an every-woman, a friend to all and a great role model for young ladies who want to grow up to be journalists and public figures.

    There is nothing wrong with the photograph of Meghan, who is simply having fun and doing a normal update to her Twitter account. Anyone who sees something else in this photo than that has their sick, atheist minds in the proverbial gutter.

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