• More Proof Obama is A NAZI (picture evidence)

    October 13, 2009 6:18 pm 57 comments

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    At approximately 7:43 am, Barack Hussein Obama was purportedly heard yelling German obscenities and goose-stepping with pride outside a Lakeville, Massachusetts golf course. He had allegedly ordered the illegal Mexican lawn people at the golf course to cut a NAZI symbol into the grounds and then ‘tag’ it with his African name, Obama.  You may see  the hard picture evidence up above. 

    Anonymous sources at the White House have expressed concern that Obama is starting a final solution, hidden under the pet name of Operation Obamacare. He will allegedly target kind, elderly people from the New England region of America to be put to the death panels.  He will also supply Iran with nukes so they may bomb our friends in Israel.

    Now my friends, let us remember Hitler’s easy rise to power. The Beer Hall Push. Mein Kampf. Killing off those he did not see as equal. Obama is already doing all these things and now he’s ordering his Mexican lawn workers to cut NAZI symbols into our Christian nation’s capital land.

    NAZIs are evil people who tried to kill all of our innocent Jewish friends along with the crippled, and Obama wants nothing more than to kill all the sick with his liberal health care program! He’ll laugh and squeel in German delight as people wait in mile long lines to get a doctor’s visit, and die in the process. Survival of the fittest he’ll call it, just like every dog evolutionist murder lover like Richard Dawkins and that liberal PZ Meyers who think babies magically turn into chickens in the womb.

    Spread the word. Obama is a NAZI and he hates American freedom, this is proof and I can’t wait for the day when he gets his dark soul out of our White House. Amen.

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