• More Proof That Comics Plagiarize History and Are Evil Propaganda

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    Comic books are a dangerous reading material that lead children straight to hell. Notorious comic “writers” such as Stan Lee, Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis gather together to sip coffee, perhaps with dangerously crafty New Yorker Peter David, and secretly plan new ways to lead children to comic-inspired sin misery in life. Frank Miller shows up at some point and adds prostitute whores to every child’s comic, and then pats himself on the back! Sick!

    Comic book writers always try to claim they are very creative people and that their stories are the product of their imaginations. These are veil lies! Comics are based on real life situations and I have proof!

    The Batman

    In this photographic archive evidence, we see someone who suspiciously looks like modern comic book character The Batman. Oh what a shock!    Hmm, doesn’t look so creative and like a cartoon now does it?   From the grittiness of this archive you can tell this is an old war photo from when we had to save the world from NAZIs.

    The true “Batman” commands the respect of the troops here, and must have been some secretly trained special ops from an old war, not an old pervert who keeps young children dressed in Robin costumes in his cave.  This shows you how comic book writers have no problems twisting the facts of history, disrespecting war figures, so they can promote their sick little agendas.

    Batman Archive 1


    Batman Archive 2

    Here we see real Batman has infiltrated a dirty communist’s secret meeting during some sort of recon mission.


    Writers like Alan Moore, Stan Lee, Grant Morrison, Peter David, Frank Miller, Roy Thomas, Len Wein, Kurt Busiek, Chris Claremont, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis and Geoff Johns comprise a much larger bogeyman list of dangerous people you should not allow in your home.

    Read through your child’s book collection along with magazine, and if you see any of those names, along with “DC Comics” or “Marvel Comics”, go ahead and start a fire so you can burn their entire collection of books, merchandise or paraphenalia.  Or don’t, nothing much will happen but only their souls will only burn for all time just because you were negligent.

    The Flying Flash

    There is  a comic book character named The Flash.  DC Comics claim they created this character to promote liberal agenda of how its cool to do drugs like speed and think gorillas can talk and pose criminal threats.

    The truth is that, again, “The Flash” is based on an old war hero.  The lightning symbol was likely his call sign and going by his name and costume, he probably was one of the first jet fighters of all time.  No telling how many no good anti-freedom America hating NAZIs he killed, but thank goodness for every one he did!

    Flash Archive 1

    In this photo, it seems Flash’s jet plane has been shot down and he, with his co-pilot, are being held at gunpoint by German SS.  Only a divine miracle allowed him to keep fighting on and DC comics disrespects this true hero with their false stories and trying to bury the facts of the true man behind their stolen identity.


    Stan Lee is an old man who likes to make secret cameos in movies and is responsible for creating the very dangerous comic book character, The Spider-man.

    The Spider-man was created as a left-wing conspiracy to spread evolution agenda to innocent school children in New York.  Liberal think tanks crafted a plan to put their evolution teaching in a colorful form full of action so that kids all around New York would think it was “cool”.

    They sold kids a story about how a young man named Peter Parker was bitten by a spider who had magically evolved genes.  The spider bit gave Peter Parker all these cool magical powers like shooting spiderwebs from his hands, climbing walls and judo flipping around like a Chinese.

    Kids thought this was so cool and wanted to be Spider-man, so started to believe in evolution in the process.  Sicko Stan Lee, corrupting our youth!

    The true story is that during World War 2 and following wars, it became necessary for American troops to fight in urban environments.  Enemies of morality sought to use civilian structures to hide from the blessed hands of our military, as to gain an advantage by obstructing our view with the dangers of civilian casualties.

    It’s always important to remember a people are with us or against us, and in that process our soldiers must be kept safe.  Thus the “Spider-man” armor was funded by our heaven-ordained Military Complex of Industry (or MIC as liberals try to demonize it today).

    The armor gives the soldier amazing agility with how it loosely rides in the thigh region, and provides an extra armor shell to keep bullets at bay.  Strands of real spider web can be shot from it, to annoy the face of an armed troop who may be in hot pursuit.  You know how annoying it is to walk through a spider’s web.

    So somehow Stan Lee and the secret cabal of powerful Jewish comic book writers managed to get their mitts on this concept too, somehow getting into our CIA’s database to find all this classified information about yet another really cool war hero/project and turning it a cartoon character to promote evolution propaganda to our children.

    The Spider-man Armor, c. 1951 Archive

    In this classified photograph, a soldier in the experimental The Spider-man armor runs an urban combat drill.  Here the unknown soldier blocks the escape of his band of brothers and obstructs the eyes of an annoying pursuer with several strands of annoying spider’s webs.


    The Russian Hulk Project

    During World War 2, America was blessed to rain peace and freedom upon Japan with two atomic bombs that magnificently flew through the sky like two doves on a holy mission from the Almighty.

    When those doves touched the ground, the good people of Japan finally had their little eyes opened to the concept of liberty and freedom.  Gone was their desire for war, and they thanked us for our tough love parenting strategy for their rogue nation.

    Blessed were those days and the Russians became sorely afraid of our tough love, yet still coveted it for themselves.  They sent their secret KGB agents soon after we brought democracy to Japan, so as to learn our nuclear peace-making secrets.  Sadly, disloyal democrats gave our nuclear secrets to the atheists hordes of Russia.

    Being perverted immoral atheists, the Russians didn’t use our nuclear technology to blow up a nation’s cities until they ran their country like we ordered them to do.  Instead, the Russians did the unthinkable and used our nuclear technology to create superconscripts.

    Secret documents reveal Russian scientists took a young conscript and force injected nuclear radiation straight in his genes, right into his deoxyribnucleic acids!  Sin!

    This allowed Satan to enter his genes and evolve the young man into a glowing demon that hulked with the fury of hell.  The Russians called this secret project the Communist Russian Hulk.

    Thankfully, through covert operations America was able to eventually subdue this beast, but not before it caused calamity and unfortunate disasters such as Chernobyl, helping the Viet Cong Charlies fight America and the mysterious disappearing lakes of Moscow.

    Somehow Marvel came across this information years ago and decided to use the Communist Russian Hulk as a propaganda tool for young children, to make them think it’s fun to smash capitalism!

    There is nothing right or holy about smashing private property!  If they were not in the pockets of liberal lawmakers and Jewish politicians, we could lead the march right now to shut Marvel down for betraying America with their anti-capitalist Hulk comics.  The secret origins of this character is one of the most sinister and it’s sad that this story has been used to corrupt the innocence of youth and their faith in our blessed Free Market.

    The Communist Russian Hulk, Archive

    In this undated photo, The Communist Russian Hulk, Russia’s Ubermensch, appears alongside his comrades after senselessly destroying an innocent village in Afghanistan.


    The Jewish Ubermensch (Superman)

    The Jewish Superman is a highly ironic comic character.  Created during World War II, by two young Jews named Siegel and Shuster,  Superman was meant to be a “Messiah” for the world during a time when escapism became a prominent theme in society.

    As the cold, hard boots of Germans oppressed cultures and nations before America intervened in the war, those without real faith needed someone to turn to.  Siegel and Shuster created Superman from that and as we could expect, greedily looked to exploit the war conditions for a profit.

    The irony of Superman takes origins in Hitler’s beliefs, based on a concept forwarded by a Germanic barbarian named Nietzche.  For those of you who haven’t had to read Iso Sparch Zarathustra, good!  Count your blessings, because all that is spake in that text is horrid and commie NAZI foundation rhetoric!

    Nietzche’s ubermensch was to be morally superior to everyone on Earth, almost becoming a law unto himself due to his recognizing the need for his nation’s Christian tradition and devotion to values, morality and conservatism — not created by man — but by the creator himself.

    Ronald Reagan.  Noble President George W. Bush.  Rumsfeld.  Cheney.  These are men who capture the essence of that concept, a man of the mind who becomes superior for what he has on the inside, a holy connection to heaven, and thus gets to decide fate for everyone else due to his superior moral outlook, amorality based on unprecedented American freedom and liberty.  Such describes America’s role in today’s world to Lord of the world, with our moral compass always pointing and leading to what’s right for all, but never leading by force.  The ubercountry, America, loves to be in isolation, overcoming our morality from within.  We never seek to lead, but for the go of the world have allowed our ways to be followed.

    Nietzshe was misgudied (bothered to study  evolution, loved to offend Christians), however, so it’s no surprise that The NAZIs took his working concept and ran with it, with what we know as Hitler’s ubermensch.

    All that said, Siegel and Shuster just copied our Bible and twisted the ending to create Superman, a sinful character who is not a true savior but rather just some German philosophical idea ran afoul!

    The Jewish Superman Archive

    Here is a war photo in which the Jewish Superman poses with allied troops.  Later “Superman” movies continued to portray actors who look similar to the original embodiment of the ubermensch concept.


    This is but a small helping of all the sin comic creators are serving up on their tables of iniquity, to feed our innocent children.

    How sad is it that grown men steal archived history from our secret CIA classified files, use their lawyers and lobbies to tie the government’s hands, and then present all this cool, old history as comics to further their sick agendas?

    Boycott DC! Boycott Marvel! They serve evil!

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