• Scientists Create Parentless Children

    October 30, 2009 2:27 am 5 comments
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  • Scientists have now made the ultimate offense to nature by creating parentless children. They have bypassed our natural designs to get married and then use our secret parts to create babies.

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    As you know, every man contains a homonculus baby within his seed of life that he is to implant into his wife for incubation during times of marital relations. This process has occurred since the dawn of man 6,000 years ago and every single proper animal mammal on Earth, and now scientists have thrown it all away.

    Our affiliates at the Daily Mail report a frightening new story where evolution scientists have somehow created cells that when combined, create children.

    I am not sure if they went beyond the woman’s separator flap and into the fertile place to gain the materials, and of course the lifebag of man, but it seems they are defiling the sanctity of childbirth more than those atheist abortion propaganda nurses.

    My friends, let us pray and also start to petition our Congressional leaders to ban parentless children from existing. It’s not right or moral, and defiles the sanctity of the nuclear family and tradition of how children must be created.

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