• Secret Democrat Party Operatives Slander Fox News Star With Rape Charge

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    Isaac Eiland-Hall

    Undercover liberal activists took their campaign to silence conservative speech to a new low this September. Their target was bestselling author and Fox News host Glenn Beck. The completely false charge: rape and murder. It began with a single website and eventually grew to include a dangerous consortium of bloggers, Democrat Party operatives, ACORN representatives, ex-cons, sex radicals, members of the radical group FALA and video gamers all propagating the most heinous rumors about Mr. Beck’s alleged hidden past criminal activity.

    In early September, a report hit the media grapevine that Mr. Beck had abused and murdered a girl some twenty years ago. Documents and firsthand accounts purporting to prove this claim were posted on the internet. Unscrupulous bloggers spread the story worldwide. Suddenly, newspaper editorials questioned why Beck hadn’t responded to these accusations and a scandal was born.

    Isaac Eiland-Hall

    It goes without saying that Mr. Beck is entirely innocent. The whole thing was a poorly conceived fraud by a down-on-his-luck Florida-based computer programmer with his own sordid history. Glenn Beck’s recent victory before the World Intellectual Property Organization forced this man to reveal his true identity. His name is Isaac Eiland-Hall and the crudely-design web page that started the controversy is didglennbeckrapeandmurderayounggirlin1990.com. Please be warned: the site is full of the worst types of slander, lies, immorality and childish innuendo.


    Isaac Eiland-Hall has a questionable history that stretches back to his time at scandal-plagued University of California, Irvine, where a black market for women’s reproductive eggs nearly bankrupted their medical school a short time ago (evidence here). The university, just outside of Hollywood, has been described as, “home to many young people who enjoy living the fast life of luxury cars, clothes, and money.” Hall fit right in, joining an all-male fraternity where he experimented with paddling the exposed buttocks of college freshman. Eventually, he became so obsessed with “Greek” life, that he ran for student government president on a pro-fraternity platform (Hall\’s campaign page here). Suspicious of his fascination with the spanking of young pledges, the student body unanimously rejected Hall’s candidacy but he was undeterred.

    Isaac Eiland-Hall

    Activist Hall next surfaces in the public record as a Washington, DC-based operative for the group HUCA, the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. HUCA is a federally-funded group which ostensibly promotes the goals of minorities in America’s educational system. In reality, it is a special interest group which receives millions from the Obama administration to rub the Democrat Party agenda on our youngest voters. It has also been associated with ACORN, a group that Glenn Beck himself discredited for abuse of public funds. During this time, Hall came out of the closet with his leftist leanings. He joined KCRG (the Kitchen Communists Recipes Group) and posted a variety of damning comments on the internet such as, “So all you Republican holier-than-thou morons, you can STFU. Oh, and I’m not a Democrat. I hate both parties with a violent passion. I am a flaming liberal!” He operated a company called Panama City PC, which was shut down recently and its website deleted from the internet by authorities. Discredited and exposed, Mr. Hall is currently trying to reinvent himself as some sort of music producer (evidence here). Unfortunately, his creations assault the ears like the unwanted love child of tribal electronica and the Miami Vice theme song.

    Facing exposure and prosecution, Isaac Eiland-Hall at first denied that he created the “Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Girl in 1990” website. Later, he falsely claimed it was meant as comedy and parody and was therefore legally protected speech. But the court case against Mr. Hall is clear cut. He has slandered and libeled with the intent to do harm. He infringed upon Mr. Beck’s good name, reputation and copyright. He has sought to profit from lies. He is promoting a radical political agenda for his own secret nefarious purposes. He has made false accusations, akin to crying “Fire!” in a crowded theater. His words are a threat to the livelihood and safety of Glenn Beck and his family. Mr. Hall has tried to hide behind the cliché of “Freedom of Speech” while in truth attacking the very foundations of American democracy. Our Constitution does not allow for defamation or torturing someone for profit. With freedoms come responsibilities. The damage Hall has done to the reputation of the cheerful and ever-popular Mr. Beck is simply incalculable.

    Marc J. Randazza


    Who is stepping up to defend this criminal? It is none other than Marc J. Randazza, described in his hometown newspaper as a, “slimy liberal incompetent moonbat home-schooled moron lawyer.” Randazza labels himself with the fancy title “Esquire” as if he’s living in some 19th-century English hamlet wearing a peacock feather in his fedora. He runs a website entitled, The Legal Satyricon, in reference to a work by an ancient Roman pedophile named Petronius. (The immorality and sexual radicalism of The Satyricon was brought to the big screen some years ago by notorious Italian Federico Fellini.)

    Lawyer Randazza seems to handle only the most salacious of legal cases, mostly involving impoverished bloggers. (You have to wonder what sorts of physical debasements these penniless clients must trade for his services.) He is a professor at a Florida law school (though it’s hard to imagine such a thing) and also claims to be a resident of Gloucester, Massachusetts, a stone’s throw from infamous homosexual politician Barney Frank’s congressional district. Newly-released campaign records show Randazza has been secretly handing off thousands of dollars to Barack Obama’s operatives over the years (evidence here).

    Hall’s legal representative is also, curiously enough, a member of FALA, the First Amendment Lawyers Association. FALA is well-known as a radical political group of trial lawyers who want to overturn our constitutional protections of morality and Christianity in favor of an “anything goes” society. It is no surprise then, that this Naomi Wolff-obsessed blogger Randazza has overloaded the internet with the worst sorts of profanity. I can’t even begin to describe the nasty comments this man posts under his complete name on any internet message board that will take him. Randazza’s mutterings suggest the raspy voice of some hardened skid row pimp, purple with rage that his girls might be conning him out of the grubby bills he so desperately needs to pay off his bookie or junk dealer.

    Isaac Eiland-Hall


    This Hall-Beck scandal has all the hallmarks of being the next Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas showdown. Hall and Randazza’s actions have been reckless and inflammatory. Their co-conspirators (see chart below) have done a great amount of damage to Glenn Beck in particular and journalism in general. Collectively, this group threatens the good intentions of our Constitution with their perversions of moral standards and common decency. This is a new low, even for the Democrats. Fortunately, Beck’s team has won the first round and Hall has been revealed as the secret operative that he is. The slimy underbelly of America’s leftwing conspiracy has been exposed to the sunlight of reason. Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before the rest of them slither away into obscurity or prison.


    Here are some of the secret Democrat Party operatives who are actively seeking to illegally destroy Glenn Beck with slander and liberal disinformation:

    • Video Gamer Tyler Wilde: A chain-smoking poker addict and Canadian, living in San Francisco, the epicenter of sex radicalism in this country. He is a fan of snuggies and condescendingly labels himself a “Video Gaming Experte.”
    • Ex-Con Ernest “Ernie” Smith: Washington Post employee, coffee shop loiterer and criminal. Arrested in 1987 for methaqualone and firearms possession. Also arrested for holding up an Indiana gas station (evidence here and here).
    • Ex-Con Brain: This food-obsessed blogger is reputedly Brian Heidik, the Survivor Thailand winner who was taken into custody for shooting a puppy (evidence here).
    • Hollywood Liberal Jim Emerson: A member of the Los Angeles elite, he is a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times and a Buster Keaton fan. Affiliated with billionaire Bill Gates and Microsoft.
    • James Goldman, AKA “Jim Gardner”: A Jewish Philadelphia-based reporter for Fox rival ABC. On June 18, 2006, Goldman was arrested by the New York City Police Department in Manhattan for soliciting a transvestite prostitute.
    • Anonymous Internet Personalities: Effete and disingenuous bloggers Too Safe, Gatsome, ACG and Doc. The last is another sarcastic video game addict who preys on the fragile minds of the young.


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