• Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius Is Sick With Flu, How Ironic

    October 21, 2009 1:20 pm 27 comments
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    Here we have more proof of why the Democrats are not qualified to run this country. Barack Hussein Obama foolishly appointed a women, Kathleen Sebelius, to be the Secretary of Health for our country.

    Now women are naturally suited to be secretaries, but this is not a typical secretary position. It requires the person in the chair to boss and create healthcare policy for our nation; this is clearly beyond the capacity of this women as you can see by my fresh picture evidence served up above. 

    She is sick with the flu! You can see it in her left eyeball!  How dare someone who can’t keep themselves healthy act like they can oversee healthcare policies and execution for our nation!  Under her watch we’ll all be sick and dead of the Mexican Swine flu!

    I wish this were several hundred years ago because liberals, immigrants scientists and women were kept in their place; that’s why this land had no plagues in it!

    Now look.  The last time we had a national flu scare was last year when the Chinese tried to sneak Avian flu into our country.  Before that, I think we all prominently remember the dirty German Pandemic Flu after the Great War, where the weak immune systems of wappo immigrants helped spread disease.

    Friends, it’s time we get some proper people into office.  We have a socialist masquerading as President of the World and he’s appointed a women to boss all our health system around.  Look at the results.  Sebelius need to go home and take care of her own, and let a qualified man who can at least stay healthy be responsible for our healthcare.

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