• South Park Stan Marsh Brings Freedom To Evil Japanse as Cartman Sings Poker Face (video)

    October 29, 2009 11:48 pm 3 comments
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  • Last night maturely rated cartoon show South Park featured a very refreshing episode that reminded viewers of what makes the Japanese tick; bloodlust, perversion and inability to forgive.

    The episode taught younger college aged viewers lessons their forefathers learned in World War II; the Japanese are a warrior people with a penchant for unbridled and unwarranted bloodlust. The fact that they saw fit to murder innocent Americans in Pearl Harbor proves that fact.

    In this video, we see some new age Japanese have hopped upon a fishing boat so they may stab some innocent baby whales to death. Japanese love to attack the innocent and how much more cute can you get than an innocent, baby beluga whale. Sicko Japan!

    Stan Marsh, a character on South Park, must be inspired by our noble President George W. Bush because unlike liberals, he did what needed to be done and brought freedom to the Japanese fisherman. Hooray! Listen to their little mouths howl in pain from the firebombs young Stan rained upon them, just like his forefathers did to Tokyo decades ago!

    It is the job of America to protect the innocent from evils. We protected our fellow humans from Japan during World War II, and this episode reminded us that at any moment, the Japanese could sneak attack us again so we must keep our guard!

    Here is a video for you to watch of Stan bringing freedom to Japan, while a character named Eric Cartman sings some a musical song number called My Poker Face.

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